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Congressional Democrat, former Marine thinks NFL is ‘disrespecting the flag’



Congressman Seth Moulton, a Democrat from liberal Massachusetts, had a nice chat with Morning Joe’s Willie Geist on Friday. They should really rename MSNBC to The Democrat Channel because…well, you know why.

When asked about the NFL kneeling protests, this Marine veteran made it very clear he didn’t think it was very effective, and shared what he thought about disrespecting our flag.

“The players have every right in the world to kneel and protest — but I’m not sure it’s the most respectful, or best way to bring this issue to light because rather than talk about police brutality, all we’re talking about is offending the flag,“ Moulton said. “It doesn’t make me feel good to see people disrespecting the flag.”

Seth Moulton: NFL players should choose a different way to protest police brutality – Washington Times

The congressman also said the Democratic Party cannot be distracted by issues that are not important to the voters who they’re trying to attract. Mr. Moulton called for new leadership within the party to rebuild an economic message.

“I think we’re focused on a lot of things that just don’t really matter to the voters that we’ve lost,” Mr. Moulton said. “I think what we need in the Democratic Party more than anything is new leadership, a new generation of leadership.”

The NFL ‘Anthem rebellion’ is quelled. It was over before it began endeth the rebellion. For the NFL players, this ended worse than the Dorr Rebellion in Rhode Island in 1842, where the stolen cannon didn’t fire and the rebels scattered to the winds. It was a victory for Donald Trump, but most of all, it was a victory for the fans. The NFL and teams, collectively, have been screwing their fans for decades.

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