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Democrat Joe Manchin takes Trump’s side in NFL kneeling fiasco



Why doesn’t Joe Manchin just get it over with an become a Republican? In a Q&A session Monday, the West Virginia Senator was asked by a high school student how he felt about kneeling during the National Anthem.

In his answer, Manchin took Trump’s side.

This is something the owners have to address. The owners of these football teams, that have these contracts with these players and the conditions these players are going to be playing under, has to step in here and say, ‘I’m not going to tolerate it. They can make that deal happen. The only thing that you and I can do right now is turn off the TV if you don’t want to watch, don’t go to the game if that’s a team you don’t respect for whatever reason. I think everyone should stand and show respect for the flag that represents the greatest nation on earth that’s shed more blood and lost more lives for the cause of freedom that you and I enjoy. So it — you know, I — I prefer people standing.

Remember that this entire issue was enabled by the NFL honoring President Obama’s request in 2009 for the players to participate in patriotic displays to help with military recruitment. Before that, the teams could huddle in the locker room during the anthem. It was started by players. President Trump made it far worse by forcing people to take a side, but he didn’t create the problem out of thin air as the media would have us believe.

Manchin understands his constituency in West Virginia, where patriotism runs deep. The problem is, his party is diametrically opposed to most of his own positions.

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