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It’s time for conservatives to stop being offended by liberals being offended



Changing Declaration of Independent

Doublespeak is not in play in this brief article. It’s going to be so brief, let’s just call it a rant.

Conservatives are very aware that liberals have a tendency to find offense in anything and everything. We’ve seen things changed for the sake of diversity, political correctness, social justice, or even just to keep snowflakes from fainting and spilling their soy lattes. I get it. It’s annoying.

There’s a flip side to this coin. Here’s an article by Frank Camp over at the DailyWire that tells of liberal silliness in our schools striking once again. Keep in mind, it’s not the article that bothers me; Frank wrote it up perfectly. It’s the comments. The outrage. The disgust.

Report: 4th Grade Teacher Changed The Word ‘Men’ In Declaration Of Independence To ‘Humans’; Had Students Recite It | Daily Wire spokesperson for Mesa Public Schools issued a statement on Wednesday, which reads in part: “It should be recited as written, and not modified in any way…School administration, when learning of the alteration to the text, provided feedback and guidance to the teacher to restore the document to its original format.

Fellow conservatives, there are plenty of things we can get upset about. This isn’t one. It’s an annoyance. I like to turn annoyances into teaching moments. In this case, because of the teacher’s idiocy, this particular section of the Declaration will be forever embedded in these students’ minds.

We need to chill out a bit and save our real anger for things that matter. This is insulting to a sacred document and annoying to those who cherish it. Let’s not be like liberals who get so offended by the small stuff.