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Sen. Chris Murphy head-fakes Bernie Sanders on single-payer



Sen. Chris Murphy doesn’t want us to think that Bernie Sanders is using the Republican dumpster fire over Graham-Cassidy to promote his single-payer plan. So it must be exactly that.

On Friday’s Morning Joe, Murphy said “I know that Republicans want to make the announcement of Bernie’s single-payer the excuse for why they’re moving this bill forward, but that’s not true.”

Now that Sen. John McCain has all but ensured Graham-Cassidy’s death, watch Bernie do exactly the thing that Murphy denies he’s doing.


The push for single-payer healthcare just went national. What does that mean for the California effort? | Melanie Mason, LA Times push for single-payer, in which the government pays for residents’ medical care, has already rattled California’s political landscape. Now, the Sanders measure brings an additional jolt, elevating the issue to a national debate that has implications for the future direction of the Democratic Party and early jockeying in the 2020 presidential race.

Sanders’ single-payer bill causing headaches for Dems in 2018 midterms | Fox News so long ago, moderate Democrats avoided single payer at all costs. Now, to use the parlance of the left, it has been “normalized.” The bill, introduced last week, already has been cast as a litmus test for Democrats eyeing a White House run. And well before 2020, Democratic candidates will face pressure from the liberal flank to get behind the bill in exchange for support in the 2018 midterms.



Doesn’t look like Bernie is avoiding single-payer talk to me. Or to anyone except Chris Murphy.

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