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Good for Kelly Ayotte



In one of the more tragic stories of the 2016 election cycle, Kelly Ayotte lost her senate seat to Maggie Hassan, then-governor of New Hampshire, by a mere 716 votes. In one of the most expensive senate races in history, that works out to $139,664 per vote. In keeping with New Hampshire yankee tradition, Ayotte did not protest the result, thought by state law she could have.

To add insult to injury, it appears that several thousand voters may have come from out of state to cast their vote in same-day registration N.H., then never bothered to get a license or register a car. That is more than enough to have swayed the race.

But Ayotte has taken all of this in stride. One of her new roles is the newest board member of Bono’s ONE Campaign, a humanitarian organization focused on fighting poverty and extreme diseases.

Good for Kelly!

Word on the Hill: Ayotte Joins Bono’s Board | Alex Gangitano, Roll Call“Kelly Ayotte proved herself to be one of the brightest new leaders on international affairs during her time in the Senate and is no stranger to our mission of ending extreme poverty,” board Chairman Tom Freston said in a statement.

Ayotte, in turn, said, “In an era of shrinking budgets and growing crises, fighting extreme poverty should continue to be a priority for western governments. During such a complex time, development plays an especially important role in not only helping people climb out of extreme poverty, but in stabilizing and securing our world.”


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