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‘Where are the facts?’: Kilmeade challenges Kimmel with a reasonable request



Brian Kilmeade responded to Jimmy Kimmel’s on-air bash with a very reasonable request.

That’s why our approach on Fox and Friends, even on the radio show has been ‘Okay, this is what Cassidy said, this is what Jimmy Kimmel has had.’ Sadly, no one in the Democratic party is taking on this bill except for Jimmy Kimmel. If he’s telling the truth, he’s right. If Cassidy who wrote the program is right and has great reputation as does Senator Lindsey Graham — he disputes every one of them. Even though they spoke on the line entirely to their cell phone phone, Cassidy and Kimmel don’t speak. Tonight, I’m sure Jimmy Kimmel is going to answer again and Cassidy answered on a show earlier today. Where are the facts in this conversation? The fact is, he had this terrible thing happened with his son, he’s got more operations. He’s obviously very emotional as everybody else would be. So nobody wants to offend Jimmy Kimmel but at the same time, he should go on and have Cassidy on as a guest and debate it.

Jimmy Kimmel has a touching story about his son, and everyone believes his motives are driven by genuine compassion. But that doesn’t qualify him as an expert on health care policy.

He may be right, but he can’t call Sen. Bill Cassidy a liar on the air and expect no pushback. That’s what led to the “Hollywood elite” comment that started the mini-feud between Brian Kilmeade on Fox & Friends and Kimmel. Everyone in Hollywood with a stage and a microphone somehow thinks those things qualify them to expound on whatever political or scientific issues close to their hearts without challenge.

It’s not enough that Kimmel may be right. The point has never been about who’s right. It’s about how we engage on issues, politically and socially.