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Democrats support DACA for one reason: It’s their only hope for new voters



Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) is a commodity in the Trump Stock Exchange and the wall may never have a single brick laid. In 2016, then candidate Trump ran on building a wall on the U.S. border with Mexico. He said he would be tough on illegal immigration. After a rough start, the U.S. Supreme Court finally allowed a majority of the second effort end to the flood of illegal immigration to stand. Many cities decided to rebel against President Trump’s executive order. In fact, they have strengthened their stance as sanctuaries for illegal immigrants.

Peel back the humanitarian effort of the Democratic Party and DACA has a single purpose: to provide a voting base.

In SB-54, CNN reports California seeks to “[bar] state and local law enforcement agencies from using their resources, including money, facility, property, equipment or personnel, to help with immigration enforcement.” This only emboldens those who would stand against President Trump’s move to end DACA. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) seems to feel that breaking the law is okay. Yet, Pelosi will rant and rave about being a nation of laws ruled by law; the latest example being that of President Trump’s pardon of Joe Arpaio. Right or wrong, how can Pelosi (or anyone else) argue rule of law when she so fervently advocates illegal immigration?

Peel back the humanitarian effort of the Democratic Party and DACA has a single purpose: to provide a voting base. Pelosi doesn’t care that DACA undermines the American worker with dreams. She doesn’t care for the individuals who have stood in line to pay their dues to become American citizens following legal procedures. Let’s face it; Pelosi doesn’t really care for the rule of law unless it suits her purpose.

On September 5, 2017, President Trump seemingly ended DACA. Or did he? There have since been numerous protests mostly by illegal immigrants. Here is something those illegal immigrants don’t seem to know or care about: the U.S. Constitution is for American citizens and while all individuals have rights, it is incumbent upon the individuals’ countries to protect those rights. As of now, those here under the pretense of DACA are here illegally and should be sent home. Yet President Trump might be making deals that may keep them here.

Trump wants to get some economic and tax reforms under way. The Administration needs to make good on his promise to build a wall. He still wants to do something about Obamacare. And he thinks DACA might be his golden ticket. He can dangle this like a carrot in front of Pelosi and Schumer (D-NY) to get just about anything he wants. In 6 months, President Trump will begin phasing out DACA’s protections, the NYTimes reported. While we cannot be entirely certain what that means, the Trump Administration has put the onus on Congress to replace DACA with a piece of legislation before March, 2018. Apparently, Trump is willing to keep parts of DACA in play in order to achieve some of his other goals.

According to CNN, at a dinner in which Pelosi and Schumer attended with President Trump, “… the parameters of any deal, including a potential pathway to citizenship for [DACA] participants and funding for his marquee campaign promise of a wall along the US-Mexico border are up in the air …” Some see this as reaching across the aisle. Or, maybe some even feel like cozying up to the master of the deal. I don’t find it appealing at all, but rather a way to grant amnesty in return for being allowed to follow through on a campaign promise. I believe the numbers have shown that if our budget is not strained with illegal immigrants, those funds can easily pay for the wall.

As if Pelosi and her wayward state of California’s grandstanding against Trump’s orders to curb illegal immigration were not enough, corporations are now following the lead. Uber, Microsoft, Apple and Facebook are among the tech giants moving to support DACA participants sympathetically called Dreamers. Uber and others have even vowed to defend these individuals from being deported. Mark Zuckerberg and other tech CEO’s say that Dreamers, some 800,000 individuals, are vital to technology and are here to reach their full potential. Here is my question to them: what about the millions of Americans who have the same desires and potential?


David is a Christian, a husband, father and patriot. He loves the fundamental first principles of the Declaration of Independence, the U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights. As a full-time student at Regent University (online), he is earning a BA in Paralegal Studies with the intent to continue on to law school at the University of Texas, Austin. Whenever possible, David argues for the principles of natural law with whoever will listen. David lives in Georgetown, Texas with his wife, Mandy and two children, Ethan and Meredith.

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