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Jimmy Kimmel uses his show and his infant son to bash Bill Cassidy on health care



Jimmy Kimmel used his show as a platform to skewer the Cassidy-Graham Republican health care proposal and to essentially call Sen. Bill Cassidy a liar on the air.

If Kimmel sounded like he was reading from Bernie Sanders’ talking points, that might very well be because he was. He acknowledged he’s no expert, and used his own infant son’s health problems as an example of why he decided to weigh in on an issue totally outside his job description.

“I am politicizing my son’s health problems, because I have to,” he said, adding, “somehow Japan and England and Canada and Germany, France, they all figured health care out, and don’t say they have terrible health care, because it’s just not true.” Well, there we have to part ways. Ask people in Canada if they’d rather be treated for cancer in Canada or America. Ask people in England if they can get a knee replacement or get put on a long waiting list. Ask people in Europe if they can choose their doctor. Those countries don’t have “terrible” health care, they just don’t have liberty in choice or treatment options like we do in America.

Our problem is that we want our cake and eat it too. We want universal, cheap, insurance-based health care with the government guaranteeing everyone will receive the same level of care for every problem. We know that’s impossible but we still want it.

One area where Kimmel hit the nail on the head is the lack of transparency in the process. “They’re trying to sneak this scam of a bill they cooked up without an analysis from the bipartisan Congressional Budget office,” he said. “They don’t even want you to see it.”

Fact check: True. We probably won’t see any CBO estimates on this plan, and it will be passed while the ink is still drying on the last draft. That seems to be how our dysfunctional Congress works these days on both sides of the aisle.

WATCH: Kimmel Attacks GOP Senator Over Health Care Bill, Uses His Own Son To Push Socialized Medicine (Again) | Daily Wire said Cassidy had said of a health care plan he favored that he had wanted “Coverage for all,” “No discrimination based on pre-existing conditions,” “Lower premiums for middle-class families,” and “No lifetime caps.” Kimmel continued, “And guess what? The new bill does none of those things.”


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