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‘They are alive!’: These Mexican children are in a terrible nightmare, please pray



This has to be the most heartbreaking story about Mexico City I’ve read. In fact, it’s one of the most nightmarish, unimaginable things I have ever read, period.

After the deadly earthquake that has so far claimed at least 230 lives, a school collapsed south of Mexico City, crushing 21 children between the ages of 7 and 13 along with five adults. As searchers continued working for the last 24 hours, they located several signs of life under the rubble using a thermal scanner.

From Yahoo News (AFP):

“They are alive! Alive!” shouted Civil Protection volunteer Enrique Garcia, 37. “Someone hit a wall several times in one place, and in another there was a response to light signals with a lamp,” he said.

“We have been at this since yesterday, but we cannot reach them, because they are trapped between two slabs…”

They’ve rescued 11 children and one teacher from the rubble. But they can’t reach these children yet. It’s painstaking, heart-rending work, and the parents are beyond comfort.

“No one can possibly imagine the pain I’m in right now,” said one mother, Adriana Fargo, who was standing outside what remained of the school waiting for news of her seven-year-old daughter.

In the Condesa neighborhood, Karen Guzman sat on a stool in the street with her back to one of the collapsed buildings. She said she could not bear the tension of the search for around 30 people thought to be under the rubble, among them her brother.

Beside her were two street poles tagged with lists of rescued people, but they do not include the name of her brother Juan Antonio, a 43-year-old accountant who worked on the top floor of the four-story building.

“My mom is looking for him in hospitals because we don’t trust those lists. Sometimes I think nobody knows anything,” she said.

This has to be a parent’s worst nightmare, and also for the poor, trapped, scared children.


Mexico earthquake: 230 confirmed dead as rescue efforts continue – live | World news | The Guardian’s unclear how many children have been pulled out alive and how many survivors may still be trapped. The rescue efforts are continuing as Mexico City heads towards nightfall. At the collapsed school, officials have issued an urgent call for lamps, oxygen tanks, medicine and thermal blankets, according to Agren:

But there is still hope. There was total silence while rescue workers used a sensor to painstakingly identify possible human activity. A rescue dog was then sent in, and as a result, two areas were identified and marked with green painted circles where digging will be targeted over the next few hours despite the pouring rain.


Final thoughts

There is very little to say. Prayer, if you believe in God and His power to rescue, is appropriate. If only there were a way to hug these parents through the Internet…

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