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Hillary Clinton will say anything to keep from becoming irrelevant. She will never go away.

This isn’t just a book tour…Hillary Clinton needs another book deal like Florida needs another hurricane. She really believes the stuff she’s spewing. That the election was some rigged against her. She believes that Trump did some magic to beat her. After all, the Clinton campaign did everything it could to give Trump the Republican nomination. They clearly wanted to run against him, and when she lost, Hillary seems to have sunk into a deep self-deception.

“Taking it to the last month of this campaign, all of a sudden people are being told you know what, something is going on,” Clinton said. “They are going to investigate her again. We could see that a lot of women in particular turned away. They were discouraged. I do not blame them. They did not know what to believe. It is outrageous what happened.”

We would all be better off if Hillary Clinton just shut up and went away (and that includes her own party).

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