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UPDATE: Maria is now Category 5, slams Dominica



Hurricane Maria is now a category 5, “extremely dangerous” storm, and its winds have begun lashing Dominica.  The storm’s projected path threatens Puerto Rico.

From the Miami Herald:

A storm surge and destructive waves were expected to raise water levels 6 to 9 feet above normal tides, causing widespread flooding as Hurricane Maria moved across the Leeward Islands Monday and early Tuesday.

The National Hurricane Center has Maria tracking directly over the U.S. island, with landfall in the early hours Wednesday morning. By Saturday, projections show it turning northward east of the Bahamas, but there remains the possibility the track will change and move the storm toward the U.S. east coast.

Puerto Rico is still recovering from the effects of Hurricane Irma just over a week ago.

Maria’s maximum sustained winds are currently 160 mph with hurricane force winds extending 25 miles from Maria’s center.


Dominica PM: Hurricane Maria ‘devastates’ island | Euan McKirdy, Joe Sterling and Holly Yan, CNN Rico Convention Center is housing Hurricane Irma evacuees, now preparing for Hurricane Maria. Each cot has blanket and bags filled with snacks, toiletries and a pair of warm socks. #hurricanemaria #puertorico

Hurricane Maria Heads Toward Puerto Rico As A Major Storm : The Two-Way : NPR Maria is now an “extremely dangerous” Category 5 storm hitting the Leeward Islands on the edge of the Caribbean Sea on Monday night, according to the National Hurricane Center. That means the storm is striking areas that are still coping with the devastation brought by Hurricane Irma two weeks ago. Forecasts call for it to pass straight over Puerto Rico on Wednesday.

Hurricane Maria: Live updates as Dominica ‘obliterated’ by winds up to 160mph | Steve Robson and Patrick Lion, Mirror Online Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit gave a heartbreaking statement this morning after the roof to his own residence suffered severe damage.


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