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A t-shirt maker’s fight against government-forced speech



Freedom of religion has been under attack in one way or another since it was written into the 1st Amendment. The most recent iteration has been attacking businesses who choose not to participate in actions or produce products that go against the convictions of the business owner. In the name of “tolerance,” we’re supposed to accept government-forced speech.

Kentucky is the center of the latest attack where a Christian shirt-maker declined to make shirts for a gay pride event. It’s made it through the initial suit and the appeal, but now it’s headed to the Kentucky Supreme Court. Watch the short video, then read more about it on Daily Signal:

I’m a T-Shirt Maker With Gay Customers and Gay Employees. I Still Was Sued. | Blaine Adamson, Daily Signal bottom line, for me? I love designing T-shirts, and I’d be pretty crushed if I had to close down Hands On, especially after all the years of building the business, serving the community, and doing what I love.


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