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Bernie Sanders says current model of the DNC isn’t working, won’t run as Democrat



Former Democratic presidential candidate wants to continue to run as an independent until the Democratic Party changes. On with Chuck Todd this morning, the Vermont Senator noted that Republican victories make his case for him.

“Republicans control the House and the Senate. They control the White House. They control 2/3rds of the governors offices throughout this country,” he said.

Sanders has been under attack from his former competitor, Hillary Clinton, as she continues to blame everyone else for her loss in November.


Bernie Sanders will not Join Democratic in 2018 Says Party Model ‘obviously is not working’ | Charles Russell, Free Beacon told Sanders on NBC “Meet the Press” he is in some ways the “most influential member” of the Democratic Party without technically being a member of it. Sanders is currently leading the charge for “Medicare For All” that has rumored 2020 Democratic presidential hopefuls jumping onboard.

Clinton blasts Bernie Sanders for inspiring ‘Crooked Hillary’ attacks | Alex Pappas, Fox News to excerpts that have surfaced online, Clinton accused Sanders of resorting to “innuendo and impugning my character” during the contentious primary because the Democratic socialist “couldn’t make” a policy argument against her.


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