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Bernie Sanders told the truth about Medicare-for-All… 30 years ago



Today, Senator Bernie Sanders is the ultimate champion of socialized single-payer healthcare, often called Medicare-for-All. He’s pushing a bill that’s getting wide support from the Democrats, especially those who have presidential aspirations for 2020. How can he not know this would be catastrophic for the nation’s economy?

Actually, he does. At least he did 30-years-ago as a dashing young(er) Bernie discussing the subject. Needless to say, conservative media is having a field day with this one.


In 1987, Bernie Sanders said Medicaid for all would “bankrupt the nation” | Rare 1987, as seen in a video posted by the NTK Network, as the mayor of Burlington, Vt., Sanders claimed that while he supported universal healthcare, trying to put all Americans on Medicaid (both Medicaid and Medicare costs states and the federal government about a half trillion annually) would “bankrupt the nation.”

Bernie Sanders Said Medicare for All Would Bankrupt the Nation in 1987 — What Changed? | Glenn Beck Yeah, I mean, it’s the same exact program. But it’s a completely different name. Completely different name. People didn’t like the name single-payer, but they love Medicare for all because that sounds really good. Why shouldn’t everybody have — we’ve already got a Medicare program. Let’s just expand it for everybody.


Flashback: That Time Bernie Sanders Said Medicaid-For-All Would Bankrupt The Country | Matt Vespa, Townhall is this person and what has he done with Bernie Sanders? In the meantime, there are plenty of other reasons to oppose any single-payer system besides the economic burden, which is substantial. The amount in taxes–the price tag for this proposal is $32 trillion–and the reduced access to specialized care, drugs, and other treatments to reduce costs is another area of concern. It’s just bad policy. On paper, it may seem sound. When it comes to application, it’s quite a nightmare.

Michelle Malkin | » Bernie vs. Bernie: Single-payer utopia then & now | Doug Powers, Michelle Malkin anyway, for some reason Sanders seems to think that today’s super-expensive “free” is less super-expensive than it was 30 years ago. Inflation doesn’t apply to socialist pipe dreams.

Final Thoughts

The last thing this nation needs is MORE federal meddling with healthcare. We need to rid ourselves of Obamacare, the stepping-stone that will lead to Bernie’s plan if it’s not eliminated quickly.

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