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Donald Trump represents the ideas of the Republican Party: Sarah Huckabee Sanders



Donald Trump represents the ideas of the Republican Party - Sarah Huckabee Sanders

Some Republicans may not agree with this sentiment, but technically Sarah Huckabee Sanders is absolutely correct. It’s ludicrous to try to separate the doctrine of the GOP from the man voted into the White House by Republican voters. His actions may not align with the platform sometimes, but that’s not new. His rhetoric might seem to go against what GOP leadership wishes he’d say, but they knew that going in. Making deals with Democrats? So did Ronald Reagan.

It behooves me as a member of the Federalist Party to attach the president’s actions and words with the party he represents. However, that fact doesn’t change the more important message here: Donald Trump is the embodiment of the new Republican Party. He might not necessarily represent as many Republican voters as he did back in November. Maybe some of those folks who felt Hillary Clinton was simply too bad to allow into the White House (a sentiment I happen to hold) are now having a little bit of buyer’s remorse.

In reality it doesn’t matter if he goes to Chuck and Nancy every time before he goes to Mitch and Paul. The vast majority of Republican lawmakers supported his campaign. Therefore, there’s only two things they can do. They can continue to support him regardless of how far to the left he goes or they can admit that they didn’t see the extremely clear writing on the wall that made pretty much every action he’s made since inauguration day easier to predict than the outcome of a Floyd Mayweather fight.

Here’s her quote:

“The president is the leader of the Republican Party and was elected by Republicans. He beat out 16 other candidates to take that mantle on. And certainly I think one of the strongest voices. And so the idea that the Republican Party ideas are not represented in that room is just ridiculous.”

Source: Washington Post