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First gear is tricky: So suck it up, Buttercup!



First gear is tricky So suck it up Buttercup

It was early June of 2001. I had just graduated high school. I met my dad at the used car lot about 20 miles from my house. He had purchased a cheap and fantastically adorable, little mermaid green Honda Civic coup, stick-shift (manual transmission) so that I could drive to and from college that upcoming fall. I felt like I had hit the lottery! Even though my cute lil’ decade old, cheap car had a non-functioning air conditioning (and we were in the midst of a typical, blazing and humid Memphis summer) I didn’t care!  I had literally been given a CAR!

I got a car!

I felt like I was the luckiest girl in the whole – wide – world! For all intents and purposes, I was! I really was!

Well… But… Except…. I did have just one tiny, itsy-bitsy, teeny-weeny problem: I had absolutely no idea how to drive a car with a manual transmission. No Clue! None! Zero. Zilch. Nada.

I sat there beside my daddy, bubbling with excitement inside as he signed all of the paperwork. I was waiting and anticipating for that little, mermaid green car to finally be mine. It felt like FOR-E-VAH!


It was at this point that, due to the unfortunately fact that I was incapable of driving a stick-shift, I looked at my father and pragmatically suggested, “Dad, I’ll drive your truck home and you drive my car. Then, once we get home, you can teach me how to drive my car.” That seemed pretty reasonable, right? WRONG! So…………..WRONG!

I had unwittingly made a fatal flaw some number months before the actual purchasing of my little coup. “The Fast and the Furious” movie was “all the rage” in my high school days with its cool, fast cars (all with manual transmissions) and the sexy Paul Walker behind the wheel.  So, at one point – at some point – in that particular time period, I had mentioned to my father that I desired to have a car with a stick-shift.

THAT…. That was my mistake.

There is a reason we are told to be careful about what we wish for…

Back to my story: I had just proposed to my father that he drive my new (manual transmission) Honda Civic home so that he could, once home, teach me how to drive it. What did he say? What was his answer? Did he accept my seemingly pragmatic and certainly not unreasonable offer?

Did he?
Well, did he?
NO! He did not!

“You asked for it and you got it. —- I’ll see you at home.”

Those were the last words my father said to me as I stood, staring out of the dealership window in a moment of complete terror…. watching him drive away… watching him leave me at a car dealership miles from my home… with a car that I had no clue how to operate. (This might also be a good time to note that the car dealership wasn’t exactly in a good part of town.)

But, guess what???
Guess who made it all the way back home???
ME! ME! ME!!! Let me says it just one more time, ME!!!!!

Okay, sure, the first gear is kind of tricky. And, yes, I may have peeled-out at every single stoplight that I encountered on my journey home, but I did it! Dog-gone-it, I did it! ME! It was so awesome!

So, let’s jump forward to 2017. We have Berkeley – which, for a reason that only God knows, still carries some vague aftertaste of honor, prestige and legitimacy – offering counseling to its poor, poor, POOOOOOOOOR student body who may or may not be traumatized by WORDS.  Words!

Let me say it again: words. (AH! Run away!)

It is as if the “adults” at this “institution of higher learning” have actually chosen to inflict a twisted kind of emotional, philosophical, and intellectual handicap upon their own student body. Or are the faculty themselves unable – incapable – of making it past the first gear.

There are times and situations in life in which the why is completely irrelevant. This is one of those times. This is the kind of defining moment when the true adults in the room must walk away, forcing young people into adulthood (even if unpleasantly).

Those with the responsibility of leading and shaping the next generations must simply say, “Suck it up, Buttercup! It is time for you to GROW UP!” Or, in the words of Clark Gable (Rhett Butler), “Frankly, my dear, I don’t give a damn.”

After all, at some point, won’t these people will have to drive themselves home???

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The 1751 machine that made everything




The 1751 machine that made everything

A short video on how technological innovation born of economic liberty has changed the world.

History is more than dates, places and battles. In many instances it’s technological advances that change the world for the betterment of all mankind. In this case it’s the story of French inventor Jacques de Vaucanson and his creation in France of the first all metal slide rest lathe, the forerunner to all modern machine tools in 1751.

Lathes had been around for centuries, but lacked the precision with hand held cutting tools. The slide rest of the Vaucanson metal lathe that provided the control to produce metal part of exacting dimensions. The lathe is said to be able to produce every other machine and machine tool. This advancement changed everything.

The producer of the video references a profound chart of World Population GCP and per Capita GCP 1 –2008 AD from data of the late Angus Maddison, similar to this produced by the  Visual Capitalist, we credit them for the chart and commentary:
Image Credit: Visual Capitalist


For thousands of years, economic progress was largely linear and linked to population growth. Without machines or technological innovations, one person could only produce so much with their time and resources.

More recently, innovations in technology and energy allowed the “hockey stick” effect to come into play.

The video was produced by Machine Thinking last year.

While some may quibble about which particular machine produced this miracle The larger point is that the machines of the industrial age profoundly changed what people could produce.

As the video noted the average person in 1600 was no better off economically than someone thousands of years earlier. This is what is called the Malthusian trap and for seven thousand years, it was inescapable no matter what we did.

Machine tools such as this changed all of that, one person could produce what had taken many. This surplus could outpace births, allowing the economy to grow at an incredible pace as seen in the chart. All from the genius of the mind undergirded by the Economic liberty of the free-enterprise system. This is why this is vastly superior to the societal slavery of socialism.

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Congress tries to force schools to make girls compete against biological males



Congress tries to force schools to make girls compete against biological males

Every Democrat in the House of Representatives but one were joined by two Republicans to sponsor the Equality Act, an amendment to the Civil Rights Act that would add “sexual orientation and gender identity” as protected characteristics under federal anti-discrimination law. The controversial component of the act is how it would force schools to allow biological males who identify as females to compete in girls’ athletics.

The two Republicans who joined the Democrats were Reps. John Katko of New York and Brian Fitzpatrick of Pennsylvania. The lone Democrat who didn’t sponsor the bill was Illinois Rep. Dan Lipinski, the only pro-life Democrat left in the House.

234 House Democrats, 2 Republicans Co-Sponsor Bill Forcing Schools to Let Male Athletes Compete on Girls Sports Teams


The left loves to talk about “settled science” when it comes to climate change, evolution, and other issues that pertain to politics, culture, and religion. Here’s a taste of science that is actually settled. Males are physically superior to females when it comes to athletic events. They are stronger. They are faster. They are larger.

Let’s not even go into the patently obvious reality that these transgender girls will dominate the sports. It’s continuously well documented; we’ve talked about it ourselves a few times.

Instead, let’s discuss two other important issues: safety and the political ramifications. Is it safe for a biological male who identifies as a girl to wrestle biological girls? How about a biological female who is using hormones to transition to become a male? Texas wrestler Matt Beggs won the state girls’ wrestling championship two years in a row. Watching the video, it’s clear the girls had zero chance of winning, but more importantly they were in more physical danger than they would have been had they been wrestling someone who had not been given male hormones.

The other aspect, and perhaps the only silver lining to all this, is the hope that common sense is still alive and well in America. If the GOP can make this an issue in the 2020 elections, they have an opportunity to highlight the leftist lunacy that’s spreading across the Democratic Party. I find it hard to believe a majority of Americans believe biological males should compete with biological females based on how the males identify.

Then again, this could demonstrate that America really has lost its way. If I’m wrong and a majority really doesn’t see anything wrong with this, then perhaps our fates are already sealed.


“Very disappointed in and for sponsoring the Equality Act. Have you ever seen a biological male wrestle a girl? If not, I’ll spoil it for you. The one with male musculature wins every time and it’s not even close. Put science over your feelings, guys.” – JD Rucker

Final Thoughts

The line needs to be drawn immediately. This isn’t just about the unfairness of biological males dominating female sports. It’s about the safety of these young ladies. Identifying as females doesn’t change the reality that they’re bigger, stronger, and faster, period.

This story was updated to demonstrate the proper sex of Matt Beggs.

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Conservative Michael J. Knowles attacked with ‘odorous substance’ during campus speech



Conservative Michael J Knowles attacked with odorous substance during campus speech

The ongoing campaign of intimidation and violence against conservatives speaking on college campuses took an ugly turn last night as Daily Wire show host Michael J. Knowles was sprayed with an “odorous substance” made to seem like bleach during a YAF speech at the University of Missouri-Kansas City. He was hit in the face but wasn’t concerned, thinking it was paint or even milk. Later, he realized it was possibly bleach but was told by police it was not.

He was giving a speech titled “Men are Not Women” when the attack took place.

Here is a better angle to see the attacker and subsequent law enforcement take-down:

Here’s what was left from the water gun used by the attacker:

Michael J Knowles Attacked


Where do we begin? This represents an escalation of tactics that seems to be becoming more prevalent over the last couple of years. It wasn’t too long ago when leftists on campus would simply protest. They learned that these protests didn’t get the kind of attention they wanted and did very little to stop conservatives from speaking on campus, so they turned to more aggressive forms of protests that could actually disrupt the speakers.

The assault on Knowles wasn’t the first time physical violence was employed and it won’t be the last. But since it won’t work to actually stop most speakers from appearing, the next stage of escalation could turn deadly. That’s the real fear and why law enforcement is unfortunately required in order to keep the speakers and those in attendance safe from the unhinged progressives.

As I’ve noted before, this isn’t a question of freedom of speech. It’s about freedom of thought. As college progressives attempt to make their campuses “safe” from the ideas that conservatives spread, what they’re really doing is stifling the types of thoughts that could free some student from a life of helplessness, victimhood, and declining personal responsibility. Many if not most conservative speakers invited by organizations like YAF offer viewpoints that these students will not hear in classrooms or in the cafeteria with friends. The concepts being quashed are driven by the philosophy that made America a great nation, the concepts that desperately need to be heard by a generation that is growing increasingly lost in their own servitude to the leftist mindset.

It’s imperative for conservatives to keep speaking, for students to start listening, and for the radical progressives to stop shouting down the ideas that could actually keep this generation from destroying the United States of America.


“If a masked idiot came at me during a speech he better hope there’s campus police to take him down and not this pissed off preggo mama. has more restraint than I.” – Elisha Krauss

Final Thoughts

The escalation of suppression techniques used against conservative speakers on campus is scary. Before, it was the heckler’s veto. Today, it’s odorous substances. Tomorrow, it could be more deadly. The left can’t win with thoughts so they rely on anger.

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