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President Trump declares Sunday a National Day of Prayer, leftist media goes for DACA



President Trump announced a proclamation he signed making Sunday, Sept. 3, a national day of prayer for Hurricane Harvey victims. After he signed the proclamation, he took questions.

The press asked about DACA and Dreamers, not prayer.

They asked if Dreamers should be worried. “We love the DREAMers, we love the DREAMers,” Trump answered.

Now the entire left-wing press, along with selected Republicans (including Speaker Paul Ryan) are making a full-court press to keep Trump from ending DACA.

There are two reasons for this:

1. If Trump ends DACA, they get to be on record being against his decision;

2. If Trump doesn’t completely end DACA, but makes some allowance for Dreamers, they can claim they influenced his decision.

For all the hype, this is a more-or-less conventional day in any president’s term. It’s actually (I hate to say it)–presidential.