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It takes a disaster to remind us of this astounding fact about news coverage



On Friday afternoon, Hurricane Harvey hit Texas and Louisiana. By Saturday, two things became clear. The first, that there would be loss of life and immense damage. The second clarity was that the American people would respond with the full force of their virtuous character.

From almost every tragedy comes inspiration and renewed hope. Hurricane Harvey is no exception. It will be days and weeks until we know exactly how much damage Harvey has done and how many lives have been lost.

When disaster strikes, people reveal their true selves. This is why inspiration often follows tragedy. It puts our humanity on display and challenges our virtues.

Despite the division and hostility that is far too common in America today, there is no doubt that the American people are virtuous. At our core, we are committed to being charitable, kind, and just. Whether we are helping from the ground with our muscle, across the nation with our finances, or in our homes with our prayers we are showing our neighbors and the world the true character of the American people.

When the media highlights our country’s divisions and hostilities, we must remember that it is news because it is the exception and not the rule. If hostility and division was the norm, it wouldn’t be news.

“I have always thought the actions of men the best interpreters of their thoughts.”
-John Locke

To all those affected by Hurricane Harvey, stay safe and stay strong. Help is on the way. May your prayers be answered and your lives return to normal.