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Schlichter vs Erickson: Should conservatives abandon the ‘rule of law’ to restore it?



This is a very interesting online conversation between two well-versed lawyers fighting on the same side for conservative values.

Kurt Schlichter wrote a piece at Town Hall advocating for using the Left’s tactics against themselves in order to break them.

My plan is to cause the left so much pain by applying their new rules to them that they give up trying to grind their Birkenstocks into our faces forever. Yes, as a practical matter that means allying with President Trump, guy I formerly criticized in detail and without restraint, and who was my 16th of 17 choices in the primary (Jeb! was last because he’s an insufferable wuss and I won’t suffer him).

Erick Erickson countered with his own post on The Resurgent, contending that “meting out pain to the opponent is not conservative.”

Also, meting out pain to the opponent is not conservative. In fact, I think what Kurt is offering up is really the choice we are carening towards and he seems to want to force: rightwing authoritarianism vs leftwing totalitarianism. The former lets you keep your social liberalism and beats the hell out of you if you try to push it on anyone else. The latter destroys your life if you do not cave into liberal social policy. Neither shows grace for the other and the rule of law is premised on which mob is in charge.

The question here is one of tactics. Do we become our (political) enemy in order to defeat our (political) enemy, in order to return to our own selves when the battle is won? Or is the battle itself and how it is fought more important?

It’s like an undercover officer becoming a drug addict for the purpose of defeating a drug dealer. He may defeat one particular dealer, but then he has to overcome being an addict.

I have always believed that in the tug-of-war between ends and means, means always wins. We are not responsible for outcomes, because–well, there could be a hurricane or other disaster–they are largely out of our hands. We are only responsible for our own conduct and personal character. If conservatives abandon character in order to defeat a movement that is focused almost entirely on outcomes, then the nature of the political battle will certainly shift to a larger and more violent frame.

It will. History shows it. When Germany lost World War I and the rise of violent Weimar gangs gained backing from regular citizens, the only moral force able to stop it was the church (which at that time had a lot of influence in Germany). But the church did not stop it, and in fact stepped back.

Then politics became everything, and character (means) took a back seat to outcomes. We know the results.

In the battle between conservatives and progressives, progressives win by default when conservatives make our focus causing pain to the “other side” as Schlichter proposed. Doing that essentially makes us all progressive, which is likely a one-way journey.

As a metaphor, it’s like an undercover officer becoming a drug addict for the purpose of defeating a drug dealer. He may defeat one particular dealer, but then he has to overcome being an addict, and needing a drug dealer to supply his habit.

If conservatives take Schlichter’s drug, there’s no easy way to kick the habit. It’s sad that so many conservatives have already gotten hooked. This is one of the main reasons we need to look at the Federalist Party. The country needs a rehab center for conservatives addicted to progressivist outcome-based thinking.

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How exploding diaper costs demonstrate the crisis at the border



How exploding diaper costs demonstrate the crisis at the border

Democrats have been caught in a feedback loop for months over border security. They can’t reconcile their narrative with the reality at the border, yet they continue to repeat the same talking points for leftist media to regurgitate to the masses. But one look at the cost of diapers and other baby supplies should be enough to alert people that the border crisis is real and getting worse every day.

According to a Yuma Sector report, CBP is on track to pay over $1.2 million for diapers, formula, and other baby supplies due to the rising number of illegal immigrant and asylum-seeking migrant families crossing in the region. Last year, baby expenses totaled around $300,000, marking a cost increase that has quadrupled year-over-year.

That doesn’t take into account the multitude of families who are released to the interior where the baby expenses are paid for using other means.

The left may be able to play “hammer the narrative” by spinning the media in their favor based solely on their collective hatred for President Trump, but numbers don’t lie and neither do the CBP reports. They’ve done everything they can to ring the alarm bells, but DC continues to stick its head in the sand. There’s always a more important topic to cover. Horror stories at the border have become so commonplace that many have been desensitized to them.

Slowly but surely, the left is winning the narrative battle by making people yawn every time the border crisis is brought to their attention.

America needs to address this problem immediately. There should be nothing higher on the agenda of lawmakers on Capitol Hill than to get more agents to the border, better technology, more beds, better supplies, a wall, and better laws with fewer loopholes through which illegal aliens and asylum-seeking migrants can wiggle their way into staying in the country indefinitely without going through the proper legal channels.

It isn’t just about the exploding diaper costs, though. There’s a negative trickle down effect that’s at play here helping dangerous people cross the border unnoticed. Every agent that’s made to act like a daycare employee for migrant children is an agent who’s not stopping drug smugglers and gang members from crossing illegally in the dead of night. Every agent who’s forced to be a paperwork clerk to the masses of migrants signing up for their pass to the interior – aka waiting for an asylum hearing – is an agent who could be stopping terrorists from coming into the country to wage war against American citizens.

The border situation is so far beyond a disaster it’s impressive how neglectful the media and Democrats have been able to be. This level of denial is unprecedented in American politics. Meanwhile, our sovereignty is slipping away.

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Rep. Seth Moulton enters the Democratic nomination race



Rep Seth Moulton enters the Democratic nomination race

The clown car continues to fill up as a new Democrat announces their presidential campaign seemingly every week. This time, it’s Representative Seth Moulton (D-MA), marking the third politician from Massachusetts to vie for the top spot. He joined Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) and former Republican governor Bill Weld as hopefuls from The Bay State.

An Iraq War veteran from the U.S. Marines, Moulton led efforts to replace Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi once the Democrats won back control of the House last year. His politics are pretty much indistinguishable from other candidates as he favors Medicare-for-All, gun control, and other common leftist notions.

Moulton has a tall mountain to climb on the fundraising side if he hopes to make it to the main debate stage. There’s still time, but he’ll need to get some heavy attention very quickly to be able to make a serious run.

Twitter Response:

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PragerU: Is Denmark socialist?



Is Denmark socialist

Not too long ago, many socialist, including presidential candidate Bernie Sanders, thought the model of the future for America was Venezuela. They saw the prosperity that the oil-rich nation was enjoying in its early days of socialism and said, “That’s us. That’s where America needs to be.”

Fast forward to today and suddenly every socialist is disavowing Venezuela altogether, claiming that the model of America was never really the model they thought it was and it’s not even real socialism. Why? Because it failed. Therefore, by the socialists’ reckoning, that must mean they didn’t do it right.

Now, Denmark is suddenly the model for America’s future. But there’s a problem. Denmark is a free-market nation that has been peeling away at its socialist foundation for decades. While they enjoy some of the most robust social programs in the world, they’re doing so at such a high price that the people are left with very little other than the essentials. Yes, they have free healthcare, but more citizens are turning to private insurance to bypass the poor treatment and long wait times associated with single-payer healthcare. Yes, they have free schooling, but grade-level students are being shifted to private schools at nearly a 20% pace while the “free” college system is being taken advantage of by those who are clever enough to realize they’re better off staying in college indefinitely than graduating and being thrown into the world of working to pay for the system.

This video by PragerU’s Otto Brons-Petersen breaks down the reality of the socialist utopia leftists often point to as their beacon of hope for a failed economic and political philosophy.

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