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The lie at the heart of Antifa-loving media claims that violence is right-wing



Benjamin Hart wrote a tear-jerking spin at New York Magazine on how Antifa beating up Trump supporters fuels right-wingers. In it, he quoted Todd Gitlin’s op-ed from the New York Times.

Hart cited Gitlin as proof that no matter what we think of thousands of Antifa agitators wearing ninja costumes and beating up journalists (and suspected Trump supporters), they are the peaceful ones.

Gitlin’s piece “Who’s afraid of Antifa?” posited that the group does not “advocate a positive doctrine, racial or otherwise.” That’s laughably wrong.

He also cited a statistic from the Daily Caller as evidence of “a fearful asymmetry between the right and Antifa.”

So far, there is a fearful asymmetry between the far right and antifa: Over the decade ending in 2016, estimates of the percentage of politically motivated killings committed by right-wing extremists range from 73 to 92 percent, according to the conservative Daily Caller. Despite the spurious rhetoric of equivalency, supporters of antifa have, to date, killed no one.

But the lie at the heart of this statistic, which again was cited by Benjamin Hart at NYMag, is that the numbers are completely cooked. The Daily Caller piece itself debunks the very statistic they cited!

The statistic from the ADL, which looked at domestic extremism from 2007 to 2016, found about 275 murders at the hands of those who the ADL considers right-wing extremists. The ADL’s definition of right-wing extremists includes but is not limited to white supremacists, anti-government extremists and anti-abortion extremists.

ADL’s death count includes non-ideological murders committed by extremists, i.e. gang violence or other criminal activity that does not have a political or racial motive. “It is common for adherents of extremist movements to commit non-ideological acts of violence, which can range from killing a suspected informant to assassinating a rival to acts of violence stemming from traditional criminal motives, such as anger or greed,” says a 2016 ADL report.

The ADL admits the number of deaths may skew towards white supremacist crime because members of this ideological group sometimes sport distinctive tattoos or may be known to corrections officers, so non-ideological crimes by white supremacists are easier to spot. “It is fair to say that non-ideological murders committed by extremists other than white supremacists are probably underrepresented here,” the ADL report says.

In order to de-skew the ADL number, every murder committed by anyone on the left–for any reason–would have to be included.

So liberal NYMag cited a statistic from the liberal NY Times, which, in order to make the number seem like they came from conservatives, used a piece by the Daily Caller, which in fact debunked the statistic as impossibly skewed.

This is how the liberal media uses a lie and propagates it to prop up their false narrative. Antifa is a dangerous, motivated, and violent group. Defending them in any way is harmful to American society. Defending them with lies is simply propaganda, making the New York Times and NY Magazine co-conspirators with Antifa criminals.