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Don’t blame Trump for Harvey floods; NHC gave 2+ days’ notice of flood danger



Call this an inconvenient fact.

The Leftists and media collaborators looking for any shred of Trump Administration / federal government incompetence upon which to blame loss of life.

But the National Hurricane Center was well ahead of the curve on this storm. NHC was warning, way back on Wednesday morning, of “life threatening” floods and anticipating several days of rain extending into this week. That is when it issued its first advisory on the remnants of Harvey, which was in the Bay of Campeche. Harvey had dissipated in the Caribbean after forming into a tropical storm in the mid-Atlantic, then falling apart due to shear and becoming an open wave as it traveled west. NHC kept on tracking the system and warned of the possibility of regeneration more than one week ago.

That dire warning was given more than 60 hours before Harvey’s landfall late Friday night.