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Worried about the KKK or Antifa? Then you’re an advocate for small government



It is absolutely crystal clear: Our government is no longer small and limited. As a result, people are rightfully worried that a bigoted president could force a bigoted agenda on its citizens. Whether you’re on the Left or the Right, if you have felt fear of what an opposing party’s President could do, the answer is to limit their power.

What was different about the United States’ independence and Constitution? Revolutions and declarations of secession from oppressive states was not a new idea. Many groups had declared their own independence prior to the American Revolution. What made ours so unique? The idea that man could rule himself better with a small, limited government.

It was a bold idea… but why was it necessary? What were the founders worried about when they wrote the Constitution with a system of checks and balances, and, even more specifically, with checks on what the government cannot do to its people?

The founders had seen how big, overreaching governments can oppress its citizens with the stroke of a pen. On a whim from the power at the top, governments around the world could take money from your pocket, lock you up for having different beliefs, declare your daughter’s hand to be their own, or decide the work you do. How? How can a government get away with bullying its citizens? Power.

It takes a lot of people and a lot of force to carry out oppressions such as these. Our founders knew the power a big government holds, so they designed a system where that kind of power couldn’t be given to the government of this nation. A system that slowed things down, and required debate to take place before any change was made.

Recall that during the 2008 election, New Black Panther party members stood outside election offices with nightsticks, intimidating voters. When the Obama justice department dismissed the charges against them, many on the Right wondered what kind of ties there were to this president and this hate group.

Likewise, President Trump’s response to the Charlottesville violence has left many on the Left wondering what kind of ties there are to this president and the KKK. The point is, no one in this country should be so afraid of the power of a single person. If we are, it means the amount of power we have allowed this office to wield has become too great.

If the government were small and slow-moving like it was designed to be, the fear of a president having ties to the Black Panthers or the KKK could be alleviated because they simply could not accomplish their agenda without that power.

Small government advocates, like those in the Federalist Party, want to take that power away and give it back to the people. Don’t you see? When your side wins in this two party system, it doesn’t change the potential for oppression. It only changes the oppressor in power.

Remember, no fascist regime has ever accomplished its goals without a large, powerful government at its disposal.

A full time engineer by trade, Dan is a conservative, Christian, father, and veteran. He considers himself a rebel against the dominant liberal culture.

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