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The President’s Committee on the Arts and the Humanities resigns almost unanimously—why it’s a good thing



The President’s Committee on the Arts and the Humanities Resigns Almost Unanimously—Why it’s a Good Thing

On Friday, under the leadership of actor Kal Penn, the President’s entire Committee on the Arts and the Humanities (PCAH), other than playwright and theatre director George C. Wolfe, resigned. The resignation, they claimed, was due to the perceived lack of action and condemnation by President Trump in the aftermath of the Charlottesville riots.

While some other presidential advisors stepped down last week for the same reason, causing Trump to discontinue both the council on manufacturing and the council on strategy and policy, this is the first council where virtually all its members resigned simultaneously. Penn, as the head of the committee, wrote the letter of resignation to Trump, and posted it to Twitter as well.

However, Penn cleverly put a hidden message in his letter—the letter of resignation used the first letter of the beginning of each paragraph to spell out “resist,” the most common slogan used by general opponents of the President.

But the reason that is quite interesting is that PCAH was created by Barack Obama, and never even met with Trump before. So it stands to reason that they used the letter to spell out “resist” because they always opposed Trump, and while they exploited Charlottesville to make the statement of resignation, the tragic event was just a cover for them.

Proof of this notion is that TheBlaze reported that PCAH called the President out on a number of issues completely unrelated to Charlottesville, such as the president’s policies on the military and transgenderism, his pulling out of the Paris Climate Accord, and a budget lacking funding for the arts and culture agencies.

So, in essence, PCAH showed itself to be nothing but a group of Leftists that hates Trump because he’s not one of them. And, in protest, they caused the country’s taxpayers not to have to foot the bill for a department that the federal government doesn’t need to be involved in at all.

Sounds like a nice win for conservatism and small government to me.

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Jeremy Frankel is a Human Resource Coordinator based in New Jersey. An Orthodox Jew, he is also a writer for The Daily Wire and Red Alert Politics. You can follow him on Twitter at @frankeljeremy.

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