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Protest tourism is a new, American thing



Let’s go to New York City, catch a show, join a protest, go home. Sounds like a nice weekend plan. Only in America–where we have free speech.

Michael Moore led the audience of his Broadway play to Trump Tower after the show to join a protest against the president’s comments on the recent violence in Charlottesville. Actors Mark Ruffalo and Olivia Wilde were among those who joined him.

Yes, protest tourism is now a thing. It’s always been a thing in Washington, D.C., where (mostly leftist) activists have been bussed in for marches for decades. Now I expect this will expand, both in political spectrum, in geography.

New York, Phoenix (where Trump will speak Tuesday), Charlottesville, or anywhere there’s a Confederate statue to pull down or defend. These will become tourist spots where you can get a night in a hotel, grab a cappuccino, see a few sights, and keep from getting your head busted in at a protest.

Nothing in America is safe from crass commercialism, celebrity worship and shameless self-promotion. Even Michael Moore.


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