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I voted for Trump: Don’t generalize me as an ethno-nationalist, I weep for all life



In the weeks and days leading up to November 8, 2016, I, like many Americans, had a very difficult time. I felt that, in the end, if I didn’t vote, I really had no right to voice my opinion on the outcome. My reasoning stems from my own view that a vote is like an investment. When I take the time to vote, I am making an investment. Logically, we expect an investment to have a positive return. Likewise, if I don’t make the investment, then how can I have any criticisms of others for their investment? I don’t find any shame in my logic and I stand by it. We can all make bad investments and as long as we learn from those, then some good comes along.

When I chose to cast my vote, it was very specifically against Hillary Clinton. I understood the damage and corruption she would be capable of: 1) as a Washington insider, 2) being an extremely competent politician, 3) willing to deceive absolutely anyone, and 4) having such a corrupted history, she could throw anyone under the bus without flinching. The body count that seems to follow the Clinton legacy simply cannot be ignored. I felt that not voting or casting a vote for Gary Johnson or Jill Stein was a potential point for Hillary. The only way I could ensure voting against the Clinton regime was to vote for Donald Trump. How could I look anyone in the eye, though, and tell them, “I voted for Donald Trump?” I couldn’t.

I fought with this for weeks. I decided that, for others, I could not blame for not voting. I heard from voters across the country that could not, in good conscience, vote for Trump because of moral issues. I get that and I fault them not for their decision. There was no good side in this election – at least, not when it came to the people themselves. I decided I would look at the platforms instead of the candidates. As a (then) Republican, I knew that there were three points in the Republican National Committee’s platform that I would be voting for:

  1. Protecting human life (pro-life).
  2. Defending traditional marriage.
  3. Support for Israel.

I didn’t simply ignore all the faults Donald Trump had – the baggage he carries is extremely visible. None of us are without fault, however. One fault or twenty, we are “all created by the same God.” So, yes, I feel a sting every time Trump tweets because I know that, although I was voting against Hillary and for principles, my vote put him in office. Yes, I shake my head and, yes, I bear a burden. But, like any bad investment, I should be able to learn from it and keep going. I have and I will.

What I did not expect is to be generalized as an ethno-nationalist or white supremacist because of my vote (much less my skin color). The events that transpired over the weekend in Charlottesville, VA, undoubtedly, have opened anew the wounds of ethno-centric divisions in this country. I detest the word race in reference to people. Ethnos or ethnic are appropriate terms. Race became prevalent following theories of evolution and derived from Darwinian thinking. And, based on that (faulty) thinking, others have been able to use race as a means to inject inequality and promulgate, facilitate and commit mass murder.

Saturday, the news of Charlottesville hit hard. I was only somewhat aware of the “Unite the Right” demonstration. I did not know who was involved or for what reasons. I am fully aware now. Where do I begin? I detest ethno-nationalism to my core. Ethnic supremacy is an abomination and is unequivocally not a conservative (or even right-wing) principle. No one can say they value all life (as supported by the RNC platform) and be a white-nationalist. Whatever the organization or movement – Nazi, KKK, or any that promotes one ethnicity above another – no member or supporter can truthfully claim they value life, rights or equality. Most importantly, none of these can rightfully claim to be true ambassadors of Jesus Christ!

I did not expect it necessary that I should, once again, be required to make a public statement denouncing, not only the violence, but the root of the violence. It seems that I, along with millions who voted for Trump, and millions more simply for the color of our skin, must make the statement. I did not expect to be lumped in with the handful of hate-mongers that we witnessed on Saturday. Yet, here I am.

The fact that Trump does not irrevocably denounce, by name, the groups and people involved who have claimed support for the President only emboldens them. Donald Trump has given ethno-nationalists a stage and I fault him for that. There simply is no excuse for either side – David Duke and his ilk or Antifa. I refuse to take sides. Both are wrong. For the alt-right, David Duke and the KKK, to claim any legitimacy as Republicans, conservatives or Christians, is a flat out deception. I cannot make it any clearer than that. The fact that my vote enabled another to give a stage upon which this vile group may march is probably the deepest sting I suffer.

Although Trump won under the Republican platform, he is not conservative. He is a Republican in name only – like many others in Congress. As a matter of fact, reading the preamble to the RNC platform, there are a mere few who demonstrate any understanding of what they say they stand for. The party itself no longer represents or defends the values it says are the basis for its being. This is truly a sad state of affairs for this Republic and further overshadows the principles upon which I cast my vote.

Life, being the most precious gift we are afforded, seems to be of so little value to so many people. That is what divides this nation. It makes me weep.

David is a Christian, a husband, father and patriot. He loves the fundamental first principles of the Declaration of Independence, the U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights. As a full-time student at Regent University (online), he is earning a BA in Paralegal Studies with the intent to continue on to law school at the University of Texas, Austin. Whenever possible, David argues for the principles of natural law with whoever will listen. David lives in Georgetown, Texas with his wife, Mandy and two children, Ethan and Meredith.

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Video Double play: Busting the gun grabber’s musket myth.




Gun confiscation bingo

Two videos that eviscerate the Liberty Grabbers ‘One shot’ musket myth.

It is a bedrock principle (if they have any) of the Liberty grabber Left that back during the ratification of the US Constitution the only weapons in existence were flintlock musket that took 5 minute to reload. Thus there wasn’t any school violence because it would have taken too long for the perpetrator to kill anyone.

As it typical of the lore of the national socialist Left, this is a lie of the first order. A previous video celebrated the “Assault Weapon” tricentennial, which was bit of the tongue in cheek variety since there were other repeating “Military Style” weapons in existence before this time period. These will be detailed in future articles. Meanwhile we present two videos that also bust the ‘Musket Myth’, one a short presentation from the Royal Armouries on the Jover and Belton “Flintlock breech-loading superimposed military musket”

Royal Armouries
Published on Aug 30, 2017
Curator of Firearms, Jonathan Ferguson, gives us a peek at the Flintlock breech-loading superimposed military musket, by Jover and Belton (1786)

This is a very relevant piece since the inventor Joseph Belton corresponded with the Continental Congress in 1777:

May it Please your Honours,
I would just informe this Honourable Assembly, that I have discover’d an improvement, in the use of Small Armes, wherein a common small arm, may be maid to discharge eight balls one after another, in eight, five or three seconds of time, & each one to do execution five & twenty, or thirty yards, and after so discharg’d, to be loaded and fire’d with cartridge as usual.

“It was demonstrated before noted scientists and military officers (including well known scientist David Rittenhouse and General Horatio Gates)”

This destroys the mythology that the founders had no knowledge of this type of repeating firearm technology that existed already.

The second is a humours dissertation on the subject from video raconteur Steven Crowder

from a few years ago that also eviscerates this bit of Leftist mythology.

Published on Feb 10, 2015
People have been telling us for years that the 2nd amendment was written in a time of Muskets, and that it doesn’t apply to the evolved weapons of today. Is it true?

So why is this important?

Two primary reasons. One that these factual examples demonstrate that the founding fathers knew of these technological advances. Therefore, they destroy any Leftist pretences that the 2nd amendment be confined to muskets. Second that, school violence is something other than an issue of guns.

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Gay Americans speak out in support of Christian Baker, against the gay lobby



The Constitution is not an instrument for the government to restrain the people, it is an instrument for the people to restrain the government – lest it come to dominate our lives and interests.

-Patrick Henry

As the saying goes, the squeaky wheel gets the grease. Now, however, after years of radical LGBT activist domination over the nation’s dialogue surrounding civil rights, liberty-loving gay Americans are pushing back.

All wheels have begun to squeak.

Masterpiece Cakeshop V. Colorado Civil Rights Commission

On Monday, the Supreme Court of the United States ruled (7-2) in favor of Jack Phillips, a devout Christian and confectionary artist. In 2012, after declining to lend his artistry skills toward the custom adornment of a cake intended for the celebration of a same-sex wedding, Phillips was sued for discrimination and was later found guilty by the Colorado Civil Rights Commission.

Although the Commission had deemed Phillips’s art – confectionary art is a subset of sugar art – as expression under the First Amendment, his religious views were publicly attacked by commissioners. It was this blatant governmental bias which persuaded the Supreme Court to reverse all previous rulings against Mr. Phillips.

Despite of the Supreme Court ruling’s narrow scope, by mid-day on Monday, freedom-loving gay Americans had begun to speak out in support of Jack Phillips’s Freedom of Religion and Freedom of Speech, and celebrate the Supreme Court ruling in Mr. Phillips’s favor.

Those who expect to reap the blessings of freedom must… undergo the fatigue of supporting it.

-Thomas Paine

Pushing Back: Live on the Radio

Speaking with Rush Limbaugh on Monday, a Seattle woman who identified herself, saying, “I’m gay, I’m Hispanic, I’m female, I’m middle-aged, and I’m conservative,” stated:

I wanted to comment on the cake thing, on the Supreme Court judgment ruling on the cake matter. I wanted to say that I am so pleased to hear that, because I just don’t understand how people in this country can keep fighting against having their negative rights, against having what makes this country great, and against that which are the people that came to this country and come to this country, come here for. I just don’t get it… we are the country on this planet that stands for everyone to come and have liberty.

…[P]eople want to have freedom. But what they don’t understand is that freedom never needs to be defended. It’s liberty that needs to be defended. God gives us our freedom. God gives us the right to be free. We have to defend our liberty.

Another Limbaugh caller who identified himself as a wedded gay man, expressed disdain for the radical LGBT activists, describing them as “militant,” asserting:

…[I]t does not make our situation any easier when these militants are on the news because they do not represent me.

His {the husband’s] family didn’t show up at our wedding because they believe a marriage is between one man and one woman. And I don’t want to brand them a bigot or a homophobe for the rest of their lives when I could have an opportunity to have a relationship with them. I’d rather understand where they’re coming from and try to build off of what we have in common than brand them over a decision like a cake and then not have a relationship with the man I love’s family.

The caller continued his frank criticism, stating:

I think these militants make it worse, not better, and they don’t have me — in mind when they’re out there doing it… I just think they’re really loud and obnoxious, and so they get on the news.

They went on TV, and they said what their case was. They said it was never about the cake; it was about making them do what they wanted them to do. 

And I would rather go get a cake from somewhere else and not be on the news and have a chance at understanding where other people are coming from than force my will on them any more than I want them to force their will on me. I know a lot of people don’t accept gay marriage. However, it’s a lifestyle choice I made. They choose not to bake me a cake. I’ll get one somewhere else.

My sexuality makes up so small of who I am as a person; it really shouldn’t matter.

Pushing Back: Speaking Out on Twitter

Other non-totalitarian, liberty-loving gay Americans chose to push back by making their voices heard via social media.

Pushing Back: The New Squeaky Wheels

The phenomenon of gay Americans, fellow freedom-fighters, pushing back against the radical LGBT lobby isn’t unique to the Masterpiece Cakeshop court case. Since 2013, Chad Felix Greene- a wedded gay man – has “been writing in favor of religious freedom for those asked to participate in gay weddings.”

After Monday’s Supreme Court ruling, Mr. Greene stated:

LGBT’s hysterical denunciations and hair-on-fire rhetoric has not changed. Fortunately the argument has. We must continue fighting the rhetoric.

This case is not over.

Back in December of 2017, a gay duo – T.J. and Matt – made headlines for their open support of Jack Phillips and all who wish to exercise religious liberty and freedom of speech.  In a video for the Alliance Defending Freedom, the pair, standing outside the front entrance of the Masterpiece Cakeshop, explained:

We’re here to buy stuff from him and support him, because we don’t think any artist should be forced to create for something that violates their beliefs.

On Monday, echoing the same sentiment, Mr. Greene explained to his followers on Twitter:

The LGBT movement needs to understand that tolerance goes both ways. They have been behaving as though they are entitled to special treatment from everyone under the guise of ‘equality.’

We have equality. But we don’t have the right to demand others violate their beliefs for us.

The ordaining of laws in favor of one part of the nation to the prejudice and oppression of another, is certainly the most erroneous and mistaken policy. An equal dispensation of protection, rights, privileges, and advantages is what every part is entitled to and ought to enjoy.

-Benjamin Franklin

Reason to Hope

The trappings of authoritarian identify politics are being rejected and the walls are beginning to crumble. Liberty-loving Americans representing a plurality of circumstance and lifestyle, often hidden from the limelight of the media, are joining together in good will.

As a Christian and an artist, I count the mounting acts of ideological divergence – examples of bravery – from those in the gay community, as true blessings!

Alas! The Lord works in mysterious ways.


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Culture and Religion

Religious liberty lost and judicial tyranny won in Masterpiece Cakeshop decision



Yesterday, in a narrow 7-2 decision, the Supreme Court ruled in favor of Jack Phillips, a Christian baker who refused to bake a custom wedding cake for a homosexual couple based on the grounds that doing so would violate his religious liberty.

Wait a minute! 7-2? How is that a “narrow” decision?

While it’s true that Mr. Phillips was the victor in a lopsided vote total, the root issue concerning his case—freedom of religion—was left unanswered. The court’s decision wasn’t so much pro-First Amendment as it was anti-Colorado Civil Right Commission, which is why it’s being called a narrow decision.

Writing for the majority, Anthony Kennedy—the Justice responsible for Constitutionalizing same-sex marriage—confirmed this fact when he noted that the case created a “difficult situation” when it comes to how the LGBT agenda impacts religious liberty and how he believes that the issue “must await further elaboration” in the courts.

While people like Franklin Graham—a so-called evangelical who winks at Trump’s indiscretions because he was chosen by God’s hand”—proclaim that the Masterpiece Cakeshop decision was a “huge win for religious freedom” and serves as proof that God answers prayer, the reality is that religious liberty is no safer now than it was before this ruling.

In his analysis of the Supreme Court ruling, Daniel Horowitz, Sr. Editor at Conservative Review and an expert on judicial matters, points out how yesterday’s decision falls short of protecting religious liberty because the Court never addressed whether the state or federal government has the power to make laws forcing individuals to violate their consciences.

Meanwhile, the ACLU—who represented the plaintiffs in the case—was pleased with the Court’s decision, saying that it was “based on concerns unique to the [Masterpiece Cakeshop] case but that it reaffirmed its long-standing rule that states can prevent the harms of discrimination in the marketplace, including against LGBT people.”

Translation? According to the ACLU, the Court affirmed the right for states to pass laws forcing businesses to serve anyone, anytime, anyplace for any reason; First Amendment be damned.

By the way, isn’t it a pretty good indication that this ruling failed to protect religious liberty when the lawyers representing the plaintiffs agreed with it?

In the end, this case is just another example of how we have become a post-constitutional America where judicial tyranny has replaced the checks and balances provided by three separate but equal branches of government. While Masterpiece Cakeshop won this case, the ruling could have just as easily gone the other way with a different set of judges hearing the same evidence.

Liberty isn’t supposed to be subject to the whims of special interests where political parties are pulling the strings, but that’s what we witnessed yesterday. Judicial tyranny will increase so long as so-called conservatives continue to rely on the Supreme Court to protect our Constitutional rights instead of fighting for the America created by our Founding Fathers.

Originally posted on The Strident Conservative.


David Leach is the owner of The Strident Conservative. His daily radio commentary is distributed by the Salem Radio Network and is heard on stations across America.

Follow the Strident Conservative on Twitter and FacebookSubscribe to receive podcasts of radio commentaries: iTunes | Stitcher | Tune In | RSS

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