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Why the Left doesn’t care about diversity of thought



If you haven’t heard about the Google engineer’s manifesto, here’s what happened. A Google employee wrote a 10 page memo on an internal message board, challenging the company’s politically correct diversity initiative, in which they require “unconscious bias” training. The engineer claims this has created an atmosphere of ideological uniformity, in which even discussions outside of the preferred ideology aren’t allowed. The engineer has since been fired for “perpetuating gender stereotypes”.

Unfortunately, this type of bias training, aka sensitivity training, aka privilege training, is everywhere now. It is often mandated by employers who not only force them to listen, but require them to take a test afterwards. That many employees being forced to participate might have entirely different beliefs doesn’t matter. Fail the test, and you could lose your job!

This is such a blatant double standard to those on the Right that it is often difficult to understand. After all, if the situation were reversed, and employers were requiring all workers to attend sensitivity training that taught conservative principles they’d get sued by the ACLU, DOJ, and tarred and feathered in the street!

So, why is it that those who love diversity so much are always trying to make everyone do the same standardized things? I didn’t realize those bumper stickers had fine print: “Celebrate Diversity, except diversity of thought, talent, and income. Does that slogan really only mean skin color?

To understand their hypocrisy, we need to understand what they believe. Their justification for these required seminars is that, if your beliefs are bigoted then of course they can be overruled! In other words, they believe their ideology is right, and anything else is selfish and rooted in bigotry. Of course this is simply not true. To make matters worse, much of the media likes to portray conservative beliefs as akin to those of the KKK – but it’s simply a false narrative.

In order to correct the narrative, it is imperative that when we debate others, we focus our arguments on why conservatism is best for everyone, not just us. This will slowly whittle away the narrative that conservatives only care about themselves, and demonstrate that our beliefs are not only unbiased, but rooted in compassion.