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Blumenthal accuses Trump of despotism, Trump accuses Blumenthal of lies: They’re both right



I’ll save you time. They’re both right. But there’s a bit more to it.

Connecticut Dem. Sen. Richard Blumenthal said on CNN he’s concerned “the Department of Justice is weaponizing laws for political and personal ends, and specifically for the White House’s purposes.”

Well, yeah. Trump’s going after leakers in the White House that leak damaging and disparaging information about him is definitely political in nature. But if the same leakers actually violated laws in providing classified information to the press, then they deserve what they get.

And though it’s no justification, Blumenthal seems to have forgotten the IRS scandals from Obama’s tenure, when that agency became a weapon against conservative groups trying to raise money.

I’m glad that the DOJ is going after leakers, but that doesn’t mean law enforcement’s job is to clean up loose lips in the White House dealing with political matters. Somehow, despite all the rebuffs and counsel to him about the independent nature of law enforcement, Trump hasn’t gotten that message.

In any case, one accusation deserves another. President Trump may be uninformed about many details of policy, but he’s positively an encyclopedia about political rivals’ lies in the media.

And, again, yes. Blumenthal’s lies about Vietnam are well documented. He lied for political purposes, and still won despite being exposed.

Sounds like Trump and Blumenthal have that in common.

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