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President Trump: Twitter is not foreign policy, don’t tweet us into war



At times, President Trump reminds me of my 2 year old daughter. She is fast. On one occasion I recall reading a book while she was painting at her craft table. After a couple of pages, I look up and an entire wall has a mosaic of her rendition of her favorite cartoon sing-along. At other times, Trump reminds me of my nearly adolescent son – testing his limits, speaking without thinking, engaging in “one-ups” challenges. You know, when young boys challenge each other to “one-up” the previous stupid stunt.

One is cute and challenges a parent to keep their cool while cleaning the (thankfully) water soluble paint off the wall. The other has little forethought and without redeeming purpose and we go off into the “what-if” rants. Trump’s tweets are sometimes like my daughter’s wall art. Good for a chuckle and a “how cute” moment. Other times, his tweets are dangerous and appear to have little understanding of the consequences.

It seems that the “crazy little fat man” in North Korea recognizes the game he and President Trump are playing. Trump fires off a tweet regarding Kim’s rhetoric, Kim fires off an ICBM. If it were just Kim and Trump and the two were on an island, I’d let them sit in the sandbox and throw sand at each other. But they are not. China has been asked to exert its muscle over North Korea. On July 4th, Kim tested an ICBM launch and our president responded:

My question is, “aren’t there better channels for this communication?” Yes, the American people want to know that the crazy fat kid has launched another toy. But then when you antagonize Kim’s puppet master with:

…the sandbox just got a little more crowded and it likely will not be sand thrown at each other.

Twitter is “social media” not “policy media”. Foreign policy is for diplomats to air out. We are capable of being disappointed without urging from Trump. One response was particularly apropos:

And I think @Mike_P_Williams hits the nail on the head for several reasons:

1) Unprofessional on so many levels
2) Likely antagonizes North Korea
3) Gives Trump’s nay-sayers more reason to distrust him

Those are just a few reasons. Of course, the real issue is that we don’t want a war. These one-ups challenges are a dangerous game and likely have consequences that Trump hasn’t thought of or maybe believes his military is capable of handling. But with China being caught up in the sandbox, it won’t be sand the boys are throwing at each other. And they certainly are not alone on the playground.

Maybe Gen. Kelly will hire a nun with a ruler.

David is a Christian, a husband, father and patriot. He loves the fundamental first principles of the Declaration of Independence, the U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights. As a full-time student at Regent University (online), he is earning a BA in Paralegal Studies with the intent to continue on to law school at the University of Texas, Austin. Whenever possible, David argues for the principles of natural law with whoever will listen. David lives in Georgetown, Texas with his wife, Mandy and two children, Ethan and Meredith.

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