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Glenn Beck just went off on everybody… and he’s absolutely right



On the eve of one of the biggest betrayals of trust in recent history by DC, conservative media mogul Glenn Beck declared his utter disgust for… well… everyone. Republicans, Democrats, liberal media, conservative media – all were in his crosshairs.

Nearly everything he posted in his long rant was correct.

The GOP has promised for years to rid us of the blight on our economy known as Obamacare. Soon, we’ll see their “repeal and replace” initiative come up for a vote. In reality, it’s nothing more than a “tweak and rebrand” with the core tenets of Obamacare’s state-run health insurance plan fully intact. The mandate isn’t the same, but it’s still a mandate. The redistribution goes in different directions, but it’s still redistribution. Control over health care choices remains essentially the same. Some say that Trumpcare is “Obamacarelite.” In reality, it’s Obamacare 2.0.

Repeal (or lack thereof) wasn’t the only thing that got under Beck’s skin. The repeated lies that politicians on both sides of the fence use to get elected have hit us all squarely in the jaw in recent years. Democrats or Republicans, Obama or Trump, it doesn’t seem to make a bit of difference. Both major parties push incessantly for different variations of federal government expansion.

This is why the Federalist Party must rise. It’s why we’re getting people signing up on our website, text service, and social media every day. It’s what drives the volunteers within the party to keep moving forward despite constant attacks.

Just like Beck, we’re fed up with the willful dysfunction that plagues Washington DC. We are pushing to bring real small-government-minded politicians on board. We’re actively seeking candidates at every level from city dog catcher to Senators. Things have been coming along nicely, but we need more help.

Here’s Beck’s rant. It’s long, but read every word.

When leaders fail to lead, they need to be replaced. When representatives refuse to represent, they need to be replaced. It’s time to “repeal and replace” the majority of DC’s politicians. Very few are worth keeping.