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Silicon Valley CEO trolls Microsoft to recruit laid off employees



Marc Benioff is the CEO of, the San Francisco-based enterprise software maker. Benioff trolled Microsoft on Twitter Thursday after Microsoft began the process of laying off thousands of workers, mostly from its massive sales organization.

Benioff urged laid-off Microsoft workers to apply at his company.

The email detailed a range of changes to the organization of Microsoft’s sales groups aimed at simplifying the company’s sales teams. Before Thursday’s cuts, about 50,000 — or 40 percent — of Microsoft’s roughly 121,500 employees worked in sales. is trading at 89.57 as of Friday morning before market open, with a market cap of $65.27 billion. That’s close to the company’s high of $90.77. Software giant Microsoft is worth $563 billion, and trading at $71.77 up slightly after a dip last week.

Maybe Benioff is trying to incite the bigger company to try again to buy him out? In 2015, the two companies discussed an acquisition, but Benioff scoffed at Microsoft’s $55 billion offer–he expected at least $70 billion. is a rising star in the corporate market that’s Microsoft’s bread and butter. But trolling for ex-Microsoft employees might not be the best way to ingratiate yourself with Microsoft. It could, however be a great way to build new relationships with the companies those sales people called on regularly.

Either way, there’ll likely be a lot of job seekers on the street soon with software sales on their resumes. Many of them will take Benioff up on his offer. If nothing else, it was a great way to recruit talent, while picking up some Twitter cred.