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Give us our health care and do it now

It’s our health care, it’s our freedom. The government stole it. Give it back, now.



Our government is working hard to pass a health care bill, in case you haven’t been watching. The latest news is Sen. Ted Cruz’s amendment gained the support of the House Freedom Caucus, that group of rabble rousers that the White House and the media both agree to hate.

What does his amendment do? It allows insurers to sell health insurance plans that (quick, head for the fainting couch!) do not comply with Obamacare insurance regulations.

Are you kidding? We have to fight for an amendment for private businesses to do what American private businesses have done for 200 years? Our markets are so jacked up (to use an economic technical term) that the government has to tell each and every company what to sell and to whom to sell it?

The government has stolen America’s health care. They took it in a confiscatory act disguised as a regulation to help us, no better than the British when the passed the Stamp Act (the Sugar Act, the Quartering Act, the Declaratory Acts, and the Townshend Acts).

Our government has done this and more. You say our government has no right to quarter soldiers in our homes, but in fact they are the largest landowner in the country, and west of the Mississippi they can send federal personnel to evict just about anyone they please from homes those people have bought. And they do it to save some species of fish, or bird.

The government has declared it owns the air we breathe, the water we drink, the trees, the sky, and now our bodies and our kids minds.

If we were awake enough to get our faces out of bing-watching Netflix and playing with our iPhones, we’d draft a new Declaration of Independence, from Washington D.C.

Violent war is not the answer. Taking our freedom back piece by piece is the only way to save us from a dystopian future (where a certain level of violence is acceptable, by the way).

I said all that to say this. The government has stolen our health care. They need to give it back. If that means repealing Obamacare with (gasp!) nothing to replace it until our federal lawmakers get their heads on with the face side not pointing at their derrières, they need to do that.

As Keith Richards told the pharmacist, at this point I’ll take whatever you got. But they have to do something. Cruz’s amendment is far from a perfect solution, but it’s something. Repeal with a later replace is fraught with uncertainty (we might end up with a more suffocating bill) but it’s something.

Do we have to march (as Democrats love to do, strewing their trash behind them) to the National Mall to demand our health care and our freedom back?

It’s our health care, it’s our freedom. The government stole it. Give it back, now.

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Allie Beth Stuckey recognizes the cognitive dissonance of many on the left



Allie Beth Stuckey recognizes the cognitive dissonance of many on the left

We need the wall. This is apparent to anyone who is being intellectually honest about the problem at the border and the infusion of illegal immigrants crossing over every day. Unfortunately, many Americans are not being intellectually honest about the wall simply because it’s being promoted by a President they hate.

If President Obama had tried to build a wall in 2014, every Republicans and most Democrats on Capitol Hill would have supported it. We’d have 1500 miles built by now.

But it’s not President Obama who’s pushing for the much-needed obstruction at the border. Instead, we have President Trump pushing it, and while a very clear argument can be made that be made that he should have demanded the Republican Congress fund it during the two years they had control, he’s pushing for it now and we need it immediately.

The latest controversy surrounding the wall is with his national emergency declaration he announced last Friday. As one might expect, the push back from the left has been rapid and severe. While there are some who are willing to listen to reason, there are plenty who are invoking the Berlin Wall in their arguments against the border wall. Conservative millennial Allie Beth Stuckey expressed her frustration on Twitter.

She’s so right. What the left fails to understand is that comparisons are ridiculous. The Berlin Wall was built to keep people from escaping the oppression of East Berlin. The Mexican border wall is intended to keep people from defiling our nation’s sovereignty.

The problem isn’t that they don’t understand this. It’s that they’re unwilling to disregard the cognitive dissonance that keeps their unhinged thoughts and actions intact while shielding them from the common sense associated with their recognition of the problem and the obvious solution.


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Culture and Religion

PragerU: Does race really matter?



PragerU Does race really matter

Leftwing talk about race frightens Dennis Prager and it should frighten you as well. There is a dangerous precedent being set by the left that is creating division where it no longer exists. Unfortunately, it definitely did exist in the recent past, but modern America generally does not look at race as much of an indicator anymore EXCEPT when the left makes it an issue. This is ironic, of course, because in their quest to supposedly eliminate racism, the left tends to make race a bigger issue than it needs to be.

We hear about cultural appropriations, certain races whose lives apparently matter more than others, and the deconstruction of our nation’s history based upon cultural norms from the time that are no longer acceptable now. Yes, many of America’s first people were racist. Some even owned slaves. Even after slavery was abolished, we experienced racial divides that continued through the civil rights movement all the way into modern times. But today, those divides are no longer as prominent. A black President was elected with a strong number of non-black voters behind him. Congress is more racially and sexually diverse than ever in our country’s history. We have more CEOs of major corporations who aren’t just “old white guys” than ever.

We’re crowdfunded. We need your help. Please donate today.

America is making strong strides to effectively eliminate racial inequality, but the push to keep the divide as wide as possible isn’t coming from the general conservative side of the political aisle. Yes, there are white supremacists who claim a portion of the right-leaning mantle, but they are infinitesimal compared to the standard masses of conservatives who have seen beyond race. The real cultural and racial divides are being perpetuated by the left, and in particular by our leaders from the Democratic Party who cannot have a future if they do not play the race card incessantly.

This video by PragerU shows the stark difference between Dennis Prager and Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA). As she vies for votes by playing the race card, Mr. Prager calls out the real racism in America that’s coming from the left.


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Guns and Crime

6 illegal aliens, rivals of El Chapo, arrested in massive drug sting



6 illegal aliens rivals of El Chapos arrested in massive drug sting

A massive drug trafficking operation by law enforcement in North Carolina resulted in the arrests of six illegal immigrants with connections to a Mexican drug cartel. The organization, which is a competitor of the Sinaloa cartel made famous by its jailed leader, Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman, was operating along the east coast pushing drugs ranging from cocaine to methamphetamine.

Oscar Rangel-Gutierrez, Raul Rangel-Gutierrez, Regulo Rangel Gutierrez,  Rodolfo Martinez, Rigoberto Rangel-Gutierrez and Francisco Garcia-Martinez were arrested and tied to the Jalisco New Generation cartel.

“Members of the investigative team believe — based on wire intercepts, surveillance and other facts discovered from the investigation — that Oscar and Regulo transport illicit proceeds, derived from the sales of narcotics, when they travel from Myrtle Beach to Charlotte,” according to federal court documents, as WMBF reported.

My Take

What makes this so concerning is that Jalisco New Generation cartel is known to operate mostly out of Tijuana on the west coast of Mexico, shipping drugs along the porous southern California border. For them to be reaching all the way to the east coast is telling of their influence and reach.

Unfortunately, leftists believe in Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi’s solution, which is to stop drug trafficking by making it harder to cross the border at the ports of entry.

Progressives often refer to statistics that show most drug busts happen at the ports of entry, ignoring the obvious fact that fewer drug traffickers are caught when they breach the border away from ports of entry.


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