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#NeverTrump catalyst Erick Erickson backs Trump-Pence for 2020



NeverTrump catalyst Erick Erickson backs Trump-Pence for 2020

When conservative pundit Erick Erickson declared he would never vote for then-candidate Trump in 2016, he used a hashtag that has survived until today. #NeverTrump became the rallying hashtag for many conservatives who felt Trump was too flawed as a businessman, leader, and person to be President of the United States.

Today, Erickson announced he would be backing President Trump for his reelection bid.

My Take

This isn’t too surprising. It’s not that President Trump has been shockingly different from what we expected. Those of us who were #NeverTrump knew he would be childish on Twitter. We knew he would lean towards many leftist policies like tariffs, bump stock bans, red flag gun laws, and overuse of executive powers. We knew he wouldn’t be the Bible-driven leader America has needed for some time.

On the other hand, he delivered on many things we needed such as tax cuts and deregulation. He made the bold moves of renegotiating or dropping trade agreements, leaving both the Paris Climate Accords and Iran Nuclear Deal, and the one move that truly shocked me – moving our embassy in Israel to Jerusalem.

But it isn’t in his accomplishments that many of us find ourselves reconsidering President Trump. It’s in the unprecedented lurch to the far-left the Democratic Party has embraced. They’re sprinting as fast as they possibly can towards an ideology that would destroy America. We’ve heard the warnings before from conservatives. Bill Clinton was going to be too far to the left. Then, Barack Obama was definitely going to be too far to the left. With both of these Presidents, we saw a mild shift compared to the catastrophic shift so many predicted. I’m not saying President Obama was a moderate, but compared to where many thought he’d be, he wasn’t nearly as radically progressive as billed.

When we compare President Obama to the current batch of radical progressives in Washington DC, including the majority of those running for President, it’s clear they’ve abandoned any sense of reality Obama held to and embraced a socialistic agenda that truly will destroy America if it’s ever allowed to see the light of day.

The best thing that happened to President Trump is the untenable policy proposals we’re seeing from Democrats today. From Medicare-for-All to the Green New Deal, we’re seeing the full force of leftists unleashed. They’ve detached themselves from reality in an effort to drum up support from the masses that can’t understand the intellectual difference between a billion and a trillion.

Erickson may not have technically started the #NeverTrump movement, but he started the hashtag that drew many to that side of the aisle, the side that embraced neither major candidate. Now, he’s picked a side. Are others going to follow?

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Islewood

    February 11, 2019 at 1:02 pm

    With a Never-Trump Republican before:

    And it’s no nay never
    No nay never no more
    Will I play the wild rover
    No never no more.

    So’s what is the likelihood of the reelection of Trump? NONE AT ALL.

    The very real and inevitable END to Trump messing up and around in the lives of the nation’s and world’s humanity is the reality that he and the Republicans (that cannot stand him) attempt to cover-up with blather, rigged polls and posturing. This propagandizing of Trump being a winner serves two very separate interests: (1) Trump’s effort to stay afloat on his septic-sea of the turmoil he stirs bottom-up, and (2) Republicans bent on trying to sway Democrats into nominating a conservative that will serve doing little and nothing that addresses deep interests and pressing concern of a vast majority of a totally fed-up American people.

    The ploy is fabricated in the manipulative fake of poll results that contend a large majority of Republicans still support Trump—when in fact the majority will in no way vote for him, Fake and faking Trump loyalists are attempting to scare Democrats out of delivering the real changes that the American people want and need.

    In the Democratic pool to be poisoned by this effort, fake and faking members go along with the ploy by contending that their-first-and-last support goes to the candidate that can best defeat Trump and that they have no concern that such a candidate has neither the vision nor intent to work in rendering big and needed progress.

    The defeat-Trump-at-all-costs proffers a two-way work for Republicans: (1) they get more of the same they have put in place, and (2) another opportunity blame the Democrats for being party to and Party of government being a stagnation and strangulation tool in the hands of . . . ah, the Democratic Party. Work to achieve nothing by avoiding nothing and the something you get is disastrously worse than nothing

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“You have an agenda. You’re CNN. You’re fake news,” the President said to the reporter.

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Reactions on social media were mixed.

My Take

From here, it goes insane. It should be noted the President made what many are considering a mistake when he said he “didn’t have to” declare an emergency but wanted the wall built faster. That seems like grounds to attack the declaration itself.


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