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Mark Meadows’ solution to the border crisis and shutdown stalemate is almost perfect



Mark Meadows solution to the border crisis and shutdown stalemate is almost perfect

Update: We made a video and new article that goes into more detail about this solution.

Original story:

House Freedom Caucus chair Mark Meadows (R-NC) posted an idea that would start solving the border crisis, allow the President to open up the government, and avoid the use of a national emergency declaration. His solutions: 10 USC 274/284.

These provisions of general military powers deal with the “maintenance and operation of equipment” and “support for counterdrug activities and activities to counter transnational organized crime.” If you’re wondering what any of that has to do with the border wall President Trump wants, the answer is disappointing. They don’t allow for a wall.

But they do allow for a fence.

Specifically, it allows for:

“Construction of roads and fences and installation of lighting to block drug smuggling corridors across international boundaries of the United States.”

There would be no need to declare a national emergency to make it happen. Technically, the President wouldn’t even need to sign off. Congress has already appropriated powers to the Secretary of Defense to provide support “for other departments or agencies of the Federal Government or a State, local, or tribal law enforcement agencies” to help them fight transnational drug smuggling and organized crime at the border.

While no definition of a fence is detailed, it could be complicated to try to define steel slats as a fence. Nevertheless, fences like the one pictured above in Israel have proven their value.

Israel recently demonstrated with their fence on the Egyptian border that barriers work. They were able to cut illegal immigration to nearly zero after its completion in 2012. It’s under 150 miles worth of fence compared to nearly 2000 miles of border with Mexico, but considering what we have now – open air along most of the border – this would be an incredible improvement.

It would be a huge political win for the President following the Democrats’ declining his offer to extend DACA protections yesterday. He could open up the government and immediately start building a barrier at the southern border without giving the Democrats anything. They will look foolish for not accepting the President’s offer, then losing everything while the President still secures the border.

The President should immediately act on Representative Meadows’ suggestion. No DACA extension. No national emergency declaration. Build the barrier at the border now and open up the government immediately. Everyone wins except Chuck and Nancy.

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Beto O’Rourke is throwing crazy ideas against the wall and some seem to be sticking



Beto ORourke is throwing crazy ideas against the wall and some seem to be sticking

Ever since the 2018 midterm elections, I’ve considered Beto O’Rourke to be one of the biggest threats to President Trump in the 2020 election. The obvious counter to this notion is that he lost his race for Senate to Ted Cruz, but here’s the thing. He got close, much closer than anyone would have thought possible a year before, and he was able to raise more money than any Senate candidate in our nation’s history.

For a hyper-leftist Democrat to come within a few percentage points of victory in deep red Texas tells us this is someone who knows how to campaign, raise funds, and draw a crowd.

Lately, he’s been acting like a lost puppy trying to get back some of the attention he lost when others announced their candidacy. Before Senators Elizabeth Warren, Kirsten Gillibrand, Kamala Harris, Cory Booker, and Amy Klobuchar announced their candidacies, O’Rourke was being played up as the guy who could challenge Senator Bernie Sanders and former Vice President Joe Biden if they entered the race. Now that Sanders has, O’Rourke finds himself on the outside looking in.

I still consider O’Rourke to be one of the four candidates who should concern President Trump the most, but there’s a caveat I must add. If he continues to throw out ideas that make no sense, such as taking down the 700 miles of wall currently built along the southern border or offering amnesty to pretty much everyone already here illegally, he may fade quickly.

Then again, it may propel him to the top of the list.

It’s important for conservatives to never underestimate the leftward lurch that’s happening across America today. The combination of scholastic indoctrination, media propaganda, and a strange spirit of deception spreading across the nation have resulted in a growing American populace that is open to the untenable ideas of socialism, open borders, and expanded government control over our lives. This is why instead of counting O’Rourke as being down for the count, we should probably watch the responses and start taking him more seriously.

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There seems to a trend emerging. The crazier they get, the more they’re loved.

A decade ago, it would have been unfathomable for even half of the Democrats to embrace taking down portions of the border wall that are already built. It’s one thing to not want to spend money on more wall, but to spend money on taking down current walls is pure stupidity. And yet, there’s no rebuke from the left. No Democrats are saying, “stop this lunacy.” No Democrats are out there calling for common sense to prevail.

Instead, they’re saying, “Yes, that might work.”

Do not get caught up in the notion that socialism, open borders, and oppressive government could never happen in America. Three or four years ago, I might have thought that. Today, it seems more than possible. It must be stopped.


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Why most Republicans in DC will soon cave to amnesty again



Why most Republicans in DC will soon cave to amnesty

There’s a very disheartening reality in Washington DC that nobody wants to talk about. Many Republican lawmakers, perhaps most on Capitol Hill today, would be willing to trade full-blown, unconditional amnesty to non-criminal illegal immigrants. The left won’t talk about it because they want to keep the Republicans firmly planted as the opposition to such a move, therefore keeping supporters of those who would benefit from amnesty firmly in the Democratic Party’s pockets. The right won’t talk about it because they don’t want their rabid base to know they’re ready to cave.

Unfortunately, they’re definitely ready to cave. We know this based upon their recent actions and, perhaps most importantly, their unwillingness to discuss it as a negative. The recent actions I’m referring to isn’t just the absolute meltdown of a “negotiated” deal with the Democrats that yielded the border budget debacle last week. It’s also their willingness to trade with Dreamers and visa overstays, two things they were adamantly opposed to before the 2016 election.

We also know that President Trump had a “softening” moment during the 2016 election season when he seemed to buckle under pressure and test the waters. He explicitly said no to amnesty or citizenship, but staying here legally seemed to be on the table. Here are his words from August, 2016.

“No citizenship,” he said to Fox News host Sean Hannity. “Let me go a step further — they’ll pay back taxes, they have to pay taxes, there’s no amnesty, as such, there’s no amnesty, but we work with them.”

To “work with them” was assumed to be a way to allow millions of illegal immigrants to stay in the country legally. It’s amnesty, no matter what fancy legal words you throw out there to cover that fact up. But what about criminal illegal immigrants?

“Now, everybody agrees we get the bad ones out,” he continued. “But when I go through and I meet thousands and thousands of people on this subject, and I’ve had very strong people come up to me, really great, great people come up to me, and they’ve said, ‘Mr. Trump, I love you, but to take a person who’s been here for 15 or 20 years and throw them and their family out, it’s so tough, Mr. Trump.’ I have it all the time! It’s a very, very hard thing.”

This “softening” seems to have been erased from most memories for the same reasons listed above. The left wants the market cornered on helping illegal immigrants and the right isn’t ready to abandon their base.

Except they already have.

As noted earlier, the lack of discussions in public forums about the Democrats’ desire to document those currently in the country illegally is arguably the most telling sign that the GOP is preparing something big. With the wall going through legal limbo due to the national emergency declaration, it’s easy to imagine a scenario when Trump goes to the power-brokers on Capitol Hill and says, “Let’s legalize everyone who’s already here in exchange for full funding on border security.”

These power-brokers would be the obvious crowd – Senators Chuck Schumer and Mitch McConnell, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, and House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy. They’ll also likely invite a few other players to the table to either help sell it to the rest of Capitol Hill or to voice their concerns up front before it goes public. Expect House Freedom Caucus chair Mark Meadows, Senators Marco Rubio and Rand Paul, and possibly a token Democrat to feign balance.

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The only thing preventing this from happening now in public (it may already be happening in private) is spin. Both sides need a way to spin this in their direction. The President would obviously try to use this to win reelection. Democrats will position it as fodder for their base to give them back control of the Senate while giving a leg-up to the Democratic nominee for President.

But it’s the Republicans who will see the biggest upside. If they can convince their base that the wall is important enough to trade for with the one thing most conservative Republicans do not want, they have a chance to make it all work. They’ll remind them that President Reagan granted amnesty without a border security deal in place. They’ll note that obstruction from both the Democrats and the courts are making it harder and harder to enforce immigration laws. They’ll say that the Democrats wanted the legalization extended to criminal illegal immigrants, but that was a red line the GOP wasn’t willing to cross.

They’ll spin, spin, and spin again.

This is the only scenario that makes sense in light of the border budget deal. The trade-offs the Republicans made in order to get a very restrictive measure to start 55-miles of wall were way too high unless they’ve been planning the amnesty pitch for a while. In that scenario, the trade-offs were worth it because they’ll soon be moot.

This isn’t in the public conscious yet, but when it gets there (which may be very soon) it’s imperative for conservatives to reach out to their representatives and say, “—- no!” We’re being played, but that doesn’t mean we can’t play back harder.


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16 states hit 9th Circuit to sue President Trump, as expected



16 states hit 9th Circuit to sue President Trump as expected

It was one of the most replayed parts of President Trump’s announcement regarding his national emergency declaration last Friday – a sing-song moment as the President predicted the declaration would be made, Democrats would sue, they’d go through the 9th circuit, and their decision will hopefully be overturned by the Supreme Court. So far, he’s been absolutely correct as 16 states have filed against the declaration.

New York, California, 14 other states sue Trump in Ninth Circuit over emergency declaration attorneys general of California, New York, and 14 other states on Monday filed a lawsuit in the Ninth Circuit against the White House’s recent national emergency declaration over border security, claiming President Trump has “veered the country toward a constitutional crisis of his own making.”

President Trump sarcastically had predicted the lawsuit last week. He’s slammed the Ninth Circuit multiple times as “disgraceful” and politically biased.

My Take

This is their right, and while it may annoy those who support building the border wall, it would be a mistake to condemn these states for trying to stop it. This is part of the way our nation is intended to operate. If one or more states feel the need to challenge the authority of Washington DC, they should be able to make their case before the courts. If the courts make decisions based on the Constitution, then the end result will be the accurate and righteous one.

That’s how this was all intended.

I’m not suggesting the 9th Circuit is going to treat this fairly, nor am I confident the Supreme Court will make its decision solely on the Constitution, but until things are changed, this is what we’ve got. Attempts to subvert any component of this system from the President’s right to declare the emergency to the states’ rights to challenge it to the courts’ responsibility to make a ruling about it all would be to denounce the foundation upon which this nation was built.

There was a way this could have been avoided. Had the President and the GOP decided to have the debate over the wall while they had power over the House, Senate, and White House, they would have been in better position to get the wall going by now. Unfortunately, they an improper political calculation to hold off on the wall debate until after the midterm elections, and now it’s costing the American citizens. It costs us money to sit here through the shutdown and the legal battle over the national emergency declaration. It’s costing us time; the wall should be much further along by now. It may end up costing us the wall altogether if they aren’t able to make a strong case before the Supreme Court.

We are in the midst of a crisis at the border, one that has been going on for decades. Let’s not exacerbate the crisis by adding a Constitutional crisis on top. This needs to play all the way out.


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