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Understanding the real crisis at the border and how to frame it properly



We’ve heard arguments from both sides of the political aisle for months. Republicans say the situation at our southern border is a crisis that requires our full and immediate attention. Democrats waffle back and forth about whether or not it’s a crisis. When living conditions of migrants on the other side of the border are bad or when tragedy happens because families choose to cross the border illegally, it’s a humanitarian crisis to the Democrats, one caused by the President. Otherwise, they say there’s no crisis at all.

It’s like they’re pulling from their 1984 playbook. When it’s convenient, they say there is no crisis at the border and there never has been, even if they were calling it a crisis in the recent past. Whatever’s convenient and politically expedient is the talking point in play at any given moment.

Lately, it seems that progressives have had their way when framing the border narrative. This isn’t an isolated incident. The left has, for at least the last two decades and maybe longer, been able to communicate their worldview in ways that drag a good chunk of the American population with them even when those worldviews are untenable. They do it by making their issues circle around the culturally appropriate political correctness of the day. They utilize virtue signaling and identity politics masterfully by letting mainstream and social media guilt Americans around their will. It only works on the parts of the population susceptible to such things, which is why about half of America believes in their radical progressive ideas despite common sense, logic, and rational thought.

Meanwhile, Republicans talk about facts and figures. How many illegal immigrants are crossing the border every day? What percentage of drugs are flowing through our southern borders? How many Americans are killed by illegal aliens? These facts are impactful to their base, but the radical progressives have built a nearly impenetrable shield around their failed ideologies. Those who buy what they’re selling are impervious to the truth.

So where does that leave conservatives? We can’t keep repeating the facts and hoping they’ll make a difference. It’s like the firing rockets at the alien shields in Independence Day. They don’t have an effect, so why keep firing them until the shields are down?

If we understand the nature of the problem, we can find solutions. The problem is their radical progressive shield against the truth, so the solution must be to take down that shield. The key is to make people understand what the fundamental problem is and how addressing that problem will be beneficial for nearly everyone.

So what is the problem? What is the real crisis at the border? It’s not illegal immigration, drug trafficking, terrorism, or criminals. The fundamental problem is a crisis of sovereignty. We cannot be a sovereign nation indefinitely if we do not invoke our sovereignty at the border.

Some will rightly point out that this argument in a vacuum is insufficient to break through the leftist shield of illogical ideas. That’s why we need to view this problem and its solution holistically. To do so, three simultaneous solutions must be enacted. In no particular order, those solutions are as follows.

Intensify our asylum system to make it much faster and more attainable

One of the biggest draws to America is the asylum system itself. Migrants from Central America have been told if they can only reach America and apply for asylum, they will be free to go about their business for months or years whether they’re granted asylum or not. This needs to be reversed immediately.

We need to dramatically increase the number of judges at the border to first get through the massive backlog of nearly a million pending cases. Then they can start addressing new cases in near-real-time. Would as many people trek thousands of miles if they thought there was a good chance they’d be turned away almost immediately after getting here? Of course not.

But being that it’s 2019, we should also use technology and infrastructure to address the problem at the source. By establishing more ways for people in crisis in their home countries to apply for asylum, we can further take away their reasons for making the long journey. This wouldn’t just help prevent people from trying to cross our borders illegally. It would also streamline the process so those who truly need asylum can achieve it before putting themselves and their families through hardships. As the President noted in his Oval Office address, the sexual crimes perpetrated against migrant women and girls is rampant. We need a better process to reach those in need and get them to safety.

Reform our entire immigration system to be both caring and impenetrable

The only thing that’s certain about our immigration system is that it’s broken. Some say there are too many legal immigrants. Others say there aren’t enough. Clearly, there are loopholes being used today that allow people to overstay their visas. And none of this even addresses the problems we’re having with illegal immigrants already in the country.

I don’t know the solution for what’s happened in the past, but again, this is 2019. There’s no reason we shouldn’t have an airtight legal immigration system that allows the best people to come to America and become productive legal members of society. The specifics of the reforms can be left to the experts, but there’s no shortage of items to be fixed.

Build a barrier

We need a wall. In some places, this means a physical wall. In other places, it can be a virtual wall. LiDAR technology, drones, and virtual detection equipment have come so far just in the last year that it would be foolish to not take advantage of it all. Whatever the appropriate mix of physical barriers and technological barriers is would once again be left to the experts, but one way or another we need to cover the entirety of our southern border.

All of it.

When we position this need with the previous two, it is no longer an “immoral” or “racist” proposition, as it’s now being painted by the left. Building a solid barrier across our entire southern border will prevent the negative elements that many migrants are fleeing from following them into America.

This is how it becomes a question of sovereignty rather than simply about building a wall or improving border security. Those seeking asylum or working to become legal members of American society deserve the protection of our sovereignty. In fact, they should demand it. They’re coming to America for the opportunity at a better life and every time we allow others to circumvent the system, we’re hurting legal immigrants and refugees more than anyone else.

We need to view the wall as an important component of a larger solution to all our immigration problems, both legal and illegal. The only way we can protect all Americans, whether born here or not, is by defending our sovereignty. If we treat it as a holistic solution that covers all of the major points, we can finally bring an end to what should absolutely be considered a crisis.

I’m JD Rucker. Thank you for listening.


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Pirro: Democrats putting politics over people



Pirro Democrats putting politics over people

Following President Trump’s speech to America with his compromise offer to Democrats to secure the border and end the government shutdown, Fox News host Judge Jeanine Pirro was in rare form as she went after Democrats for instantly rejecting the proposal. Her biggest target was Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi.

The President has requested funds in order to build a small portion of the border wall, render humanitarian assistance, improve drug detection technology, and hire 2,750 additional border patrol agents and 75 immigration judge teams. In exchange, he’s offering three years of extended protection for DACA recipients and those with Temporary Protected Status.

Here was her response:

My Take

There are many conservatives who are against the proposal. Under normal circumstances, I would be as well. But we’re approaching a full month of the government shutdown. Enough is enough.

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Will Democrats abandon Dreamers over the political ploy of the border wall?



Will Democrats abandon Dreamers over the political ploy of the border wall

The ball is back in the Democrats’ court. Some may say it’s been there the whole time. I do. Unfortunately, most Americans have bought into the leftist media narrative that the President is forcing the government shutdown to continue by not negotiating despite clear evidence to the contrary.

Nevertheless, the President has decided to make his compromise public. He took to national television to offer three years worth of protection to Dreamers.

Trump’s immigration offer brings polarized reactions from Dems and GOP Trump’s immigration compromise package to end the partial government shutdown drew sharp reactions from Democratic and Republican lawmakers alike.

In a televised White House address Saturday, Trump offered Democrats a three-year extension of protections for 700,000 Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) recipients, in exchange for the $5.7 billion to fund a barrier along the southern border with Mexico.

The Democrats’ responses were predictable. They don’t want any deal that includes the border wall because they realize if they can keep the wall from going forward, it harms the President’s chances for reelection in 2020.


This has never been about helping immigrants. Democrats are willing to harm both Dreamers and 800,000 Americans hurt by the shutdown in order to make the President look bad for 2020. They’re a disgrace to our nation’s government. Build the wall.

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No national emergency declaration: Trump’s “major announcement” will be an offer Democrats can’t refuse



No national emergency declaration Trumps major announcement will be an offer Democrats cant refuse

This may be the best news I’ve heard all day (yes, even better than learning the Buzzfeed story was debunked, though that was pretty awesome as well). According to multiple outlets, the President will NOT be declaring a national emergency to fund the border wall and end the government shutdown. Instead he will be making Democrats an offer on live television to get the wall funded while dangling an incentive that he hopes will push Democrats to the negotiating table.

I’ll admit up front that I didn’t see this coming. I even went so far as to scold the President prematurely for declaring a national emergency, which apparently he is not. As I’ve always said, I will praise him when he does well and criticize him when he does poorly. Unless this report is wrong, I’ll happily praise him… unless his offer is too much.

What might be offered? Perhaps the DACA fix he didn’t want to do when Senator Chuck Schumer shut down the government last year. Maybe he’ll throw them a curve ball and offer some sort of boost to environmental efforts. Perhaps it’ll be adding more humanitarian aid to his border security package, greatly increasing the size and manpower of facilities that hold and process illegal immigrants and migrant seekers.

If I were a betting man, I’d put my money on a DACA fix. Then again, I would have also put my money on him declaring a national emergency, and it seems I would have lost that bet.

Whatever the offer is, it’ll need to be something that will make the Democrats look poorly to Independents and moderate Democrats if they don’t take it while not being so much that his base will feel betrayed by the offer.

Assuming this pans out as expected, I owe the President an apology for assuming the worst. Instead of the worst, this may be the best case scenario and as long as he’s not giving up too much, may also be the best move of his presidency.

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