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Trump, Chuck, and Nancy move closer to no-holds-barred deficit spending



Trump Chuck and Nancy move closer to no-holds-barred deficit spending

The Democrats officially grabbed the reins of power from the Republicans yesterday as the 116th Congress opened for business.

After electing Trump’s personally endorsed candidate for House Speaker, Nancy Pelosi and the blue side of the unibrow aisle got right to work on a new rules package designed to make it easier to advance their big-government priorities.

Included in the rules that will govern House procedures for the next two years is the revival and expansion of the “Gephardt Rule,” which will allow Democrats to abolish the debt limit without the need to hold a pesky vote to do so.

If you thought congressional spending was out of control before, wait until it can be done without going “on the record.”

Not only will the debt be easier to ignore, but this rule change paves the way for the socialist agenda of the Far-Left to receive massive increases in spending.

In the good ol’ days when there was at least a remnant of conservatism within the GOP, such a rule change would have faced enough opposition to minimize the damage. Sadly, those days now only exist in our memories because conservatism is nowhere to be found in the White House or Congress.

Trump solidified his liberal credentials a few months ago when he cut a deal with Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi for a short-term debt ceiling increase as the first step toward permanently eliminating it. The agreement will make it for Trump and his Democrat buddies to spend the trillions of dollars he needs to advance his big-government agenda.

“For many years, people have been talking about getting rid of the debt ceiling altogether. And there are a lot of good reasons to do that, so certainly that’s something that will be discussed. We even discussed it at the meeting that we had yesterday.

“It complicates things; it’s really not necessary because you’re talking about the budget, so it’s really not necessary. But it’s certainly something we could discuss. But as long as it’s there, it will never be violated.”

At the same time that these budget “discussions” were taking place, so-called conservatives in Congress revealed their liberal hearts when the House Freedom Caucus and the Republican Study Committee joined hands with Democrats to pass a massive $4 trillion budget that funded Obama’s priorities while giving no regard to the deficit.

When asked about HFC’s support of the deal, Chairman Mark Meadows defended their capitulation, saying that it was the only thing that would pass the Senate and that it was more important in the end to “get things done” than to continue playing “politics as usual.”

Unfortunately, politics as usual is exactly what we’ve been handed in abundance over the past two years because that’s what the unibrow party does. And while Trump and the GOP will attempt to differentiate themselves from Chuck and Nancy, it looks like all we’ll be handed over the next two years is more politics as usual.

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Pirro: Democrats putting politics over people



Pirro Democrats putting politics over people

Following President Trump’s speech to America with his compromise offer to Democrats to secure the border and end the government shutdown, Fox News host Judge Jeanine Pirro was in rare form as she went after Democrats for instantly rejecting the proposal. Her biggest target was Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi.

The President has requested funds in order to build a small portion of the border wall, render humanitarian assistance, improve drug detection technology, and hire 2,750 additional border patrol agents and 75 immigration judge teams. In exchange, he’s offering three years of extended protection for DACA recipients and those with Temporary Protected Status.

Here was her response:

My Take

There are many conservatives who are against the proposal. Under normal circumstances, I would be as well. But we’re approaching a full month of the government shutdown. Enough is enough.

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Will Democrats abandon Dreamers over the political ploy of the border wall?



Will Democrats abandon Dreamers over the political ploy of the border wall

The ball is back in the Democrats’ court. Some may say it’s been there the whole time. I do. Unfortunately, most Americans have bought into the leftist media narrative that the President is forcing the government shutdown to continue by not negotiating despite clear evidence to the contrary.

Nevertheless, the President has decided to make his compromise public. He took to national television to offer three years worth of protection to Dreamers.

Trump’s immigration offer brings polarized reactions from Dems and GOP Trump’s immigration compromise package to end the partial government shutdown drew sharp reactions from Democratic and Republican lawmakers alike.

In a televised White House address Saturday, Trump offered Democrats a three-year extension of protections for 700,000 Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) recipients, in exchange for the $5.7 billion to fund a barrier along the southern border with Mexico.

The Democrats’ responses were predictable. They don’t want any deal that includes the border wall because they realize if they can keep the wall from going forward, it harms the President’s chances for reelection in 2020.


This has never been about helping immigrants. Democrats are willing to harm both Dreamers and 800,000 Americans hurt by the shutdown in order to make the President look bad for 2020. They’re a disgrace to our nation’s government. Build the wall.

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Cartoon: Is that another huge immigration caravan?



Cartoon Is that another huge immigration caravan

The 2016 GOP field seemed like a clown car routine compared to what was essentially five legitimate Democratic candidates. Whether they simply feared Hillary Clinton or didn’t want to take their shot following President Obama, many Democrats who were considered potentially serious candidates didn’t run.

That’s not the case for 2020. We may end up with more Democrats in the running than we had Republicans in 2016.

Cartoonist Michael Ramirez captured the growing group perfectly:

It’s certainly starting to look like a migrant caravan forming. Oh, wait. Those are actually American citizens.

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