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Bumping off the 2nd Amendment: Connecting the dots to confiscation



Bumping off the 2nd Amendment Connecting the dots to confiscation

From now on, the context will be confiscation for any and all Leftist demands on firearms.

It was reported recently that the Trump administration is going to take the law into its own hands to defy logic and ban so called ‘Bump-Stock’ devices. It’s a confounding move that will do nothing to placate the Liberty grabber Left while at the same infuriate the Pro-Liberty Right. The administration is going to redefine the statutory meaning of the term ‘Machine Gun’ away from trigger functionality to an arbitrary definition, subject to change at the whim of the next administration.

In addition to an executive rewrite of existing law that makes a mockery of basic firearm terminology, it also used the fact that these devices didn’t previously exist to justify their surrender or destruction. [Please note the usual disclaimer that any criticism of Trump means that somehow, someway, we wanted Hillary Clinton to win 2 years ago or something].

JD Rucker already addressed some of the issues involved in this ‘Meaningless Gesture’ from the infuriating tribalism of the man’s supporters. Liberty grabbers have already stated that they are going to ‘take a mile’ when he gives the meaningless inch.

A logical prediction of what will happen

There is a scene in the 1993 movie ‘Gettysburg’ that has Sam Elliott in the role of Union cavalry commander Brig. Gen. John Buford predicts the sequence of events if the Confederates had been able to take the high ground during the battle. Guided by logic, he foretold what would have happened.

This same kind of logic can be used to predict what will happen if this bump-stock ban holds up in court. If the government can arbitrarily redefine a firearm as a ‘machine gun’ it will then fall under the auspices of the National Firearms Act [NFA]

Until now, firearms were defined in part by the functionality of the trigger, this would be one trigger pulls for ‘Machine Guns’ and multiple trigger pulls for a semi-automatic firearm. With this distinguishing function eliminated from these devices, the slippery slope will see it applied to any and all semi-automatic firearms.

Connecting the dots: Semi-autos will be deemed ‘Machine guns’ to be regulated out of existence

We’ve already been over this illogical executive overreach Here and Here and Here. The point is that these pieces of plastic do not really convert ‘one trigger pull per shot’ firearms to the functionality ‘one trigger pull, multiple shot of a ‘Machine gun’ no matter the linguistic legerdemain. To refresh everyone’s memory, this is the statutory definition of a machine gun as:

The NFA defines “machinegun” as any weapon which: “shoots, is designed to shoot, or can be readily restored to shoot automatically more than one shot, without manual reloading, by a single function of the trigger.”

[Our emphasis]

Bump firing requires multiple functions of the trigger – that is the reality of the situation, no matter the copious amounts of rainbow oil or unicorn droppings spread upon the federal register. Thus, for the non-existent approbation of the Liberty grabber Left, The Trump administration will set the bizarre precedent of turning every semi-automatic into a virtual machine gun. As is usually the case the Left will quickly ignore this ‘compromise’ and push for further restrictions.

Having to jump through hoops just to keep something you already own

They have already stated that they want regulation of AR-15 rifles as that of machine guns here and here.

They’re also mimicking a piece of legislation from Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) introduced in 2013.

This would entail:

In order to acquire a machinegun, the transferee and transferor must submit a Form 4 Application for Tax Paid Transfer and Registration of Firearm to the ATF. The form requires identifying information about the firearm and personal information about the applicant. The transferee must submit an identifying photograph along with two completed FBI Forms FD-258 fingerprint cards. This information is compiled in the National Firearms Registration and Transfer Record, colloquially known as the NFA registry. The transferee must also pay a $200 tax.

The NFA procedure is also a prohibitive waiting period. The latest ATF data measured the wait time for completion of a Form 4 at seven months, or over 200 days. At certain points in 2016, waits stretched to about a year.

…for the mere purpose of exercising a Constitutional Right.

But wait, there’s more – That isn’t even the worst part of this debacle

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better, the proposed rule references the fact that it is unlawful to possess a ‘machine gun’ unless it was lawfully possessed prior to the effective date of the statute. Consequently, since these devices did not exist back then, they are prohibited and must be surrendered or destroyed.

Therefore, as we merrily skip down the slippery slope, such arbitrary designations can be applied to other firearms. Since most of these firearms also did not exist before the GCA, the same rule would apply to them and poof! An instant ban on most firearms, just what the Liberty grabbers wanted.

The Takeaway

Thus for the already declared ‘Meaningless Gesture’ we have the distinct possibility of a future President being able to ban most firearms with a little linguistic legerdemain… with all manner of hoops for anyone who wants to keep what they already own.

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As Jussie Smollett story evolves, let’s not give it the Covington Catholic School treatment



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When a juicy story hits social media, the instant reaction is to run with it and all the implications. That’s the nature of our on-demand, always-on, real-time media world. The only thing faster than hot takes from the first hint of a story are the assumptions made by both sides regardless of the details.

Such is the case with Jussie Smollett, the actor who was allegedly attacked by MAGA-loving bigots. Smollett, a gay man of color, was allegedly targeted on the streets of Chicago, but now reports are coming in that it may have been an elaborate hoax designed to help him save his job on the cast of Empire.

But so far, police have only confirmed that Smollett is still being treated as a victim. Yes, there were two persons of interest questioned by police. Yes, Smollett skipped a voluntary interview with police this morning. Yes, the story was strange from the start and this new narrative seems to match much better regardless of which side of the political or cultural aisle you’re on.

And yet, nothing has been confirmed.

NOQ Report Needs Your Help

It’s incumbent on us, whether journalists or simply social media users, to wait for the facts before jumping to conclusions. It works in both directions.

Was it all a hoax? Possibly. Some who are looking at he evidence today and the report released by local Chicago news may come to the conclusion that a hoax was likely. But let’s not assume until the truth is revealed by officials.


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Democrats push background check bill in the House



Democrats push background check bill in the House

As social media buzzes about the one-year anniversary of the Parkland shooting, Democrats hope to put their latest iteration of gun control on the floor and onto the Senate. Called a “bipartisan” attempt to initiate more background checks on firearm purchases and sales, many conservatives on Capitol Hill are speaking out against it.

The House Judiciary Committee advanced the bill yesterday.

My Take

Gun control bills, of which this is merely the first to be pushed by the current iteration of Democrats, usually have two things in common. First, they don’t address the problem they’re allegedly trying to solve; neither the Parkland shooting nor any mass shooting in the 21st century would have been prevented had this bill been in place. Second, they are a stepping stone through which leftists will attempt to initiate more draconian laws that eat away at our 2nd Amendment right to bear arms.

As with the abortion issue, the gun control issue is one in which “common sense” is used to push harsher laws down the line.

It should be strange to cognizant Americans that Democrats continue to push laws that make it easier to kill preborn babies while making it harder for innocent people to defend themselves with firearms. Are you seeing a trend in their mentality?


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Guns and Crime

Freedom-lovers, keep an eye on AG William Barr



Freedom-lovers keep an eye on AG William Barr

Today, William Barr is likely to be confirmed to be the next Attorney General. While he’s a qualified leader to take the reins over the Justice Department and a strong patriot, there are concerns that we must remember as he joins the Trump administration.

First and foremost, Barr’s record on the 4th Amendment is abysmal.

The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.

One would hope the top law enforcer in the nation would be an ardent defender of the 4th Amendment, but Barr has demonstrated not only a willingness to circumvent it at times but has also expressed annoyance that it prevents law enforcement from doing its job, particularly as it pertains to stopping terrorism. He’s also a fan of the Patriot Act, though if anything it didn’t go far enough.

Sadly, only a tiny handful of Republicans in DC seem to be concerned.

The tribalism that has infected the country and plagued groups on both sides of the political aisle has struck once again. There would be plenty of objections from conservatives if Barr had been nominated by President Obama or another Democrat, but since he’s a Trump nominee it appears he’s going to fly through with no GOP Senators objecting other than Rand Paul.

It’s a shame that the President decided to go with Barr. It’s likely he did so based on Barr’s objections to Robert Mueller’s probe into Russian hacking of the election, but otherwise Barr’s record is one that doesn’t seem very conducive to freedom. We’ll be keeping a close eye on him.


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