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Why Max Boot left the GOP



Conservative pundit Max Boot was part of the Republican tribe for years. That was before Donald Trump became the face of the party. Now, he’s spreading the message that President Trump is “morally and intellectually unfit” for the job.

It’s unpopular to say so on a site that is mostly populated by Republicans, but I have to agree with Boot. He pushed for Americans to vote for Democrats this past election, which I disagree with wholeheartedly. You can’t defeat evil with evil. However, I understand the sentiment. He believes the only way the Republican Party can come to its senses is if they suffer tremendous defeats at the ballot box.

I tend to believe they won’t come to their senses.

The GOP is solidly behind this President. Most have separated character from policy, which is their right. I agree with most of what Trump wants to do. I disagree with how he does it. Max Boot wants to reform the GOP. I’ve already let them go.

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Failure to fund the wall is the GOP’s biggest failure



Failure to fund the wall is the GOPs biggest failure

Next year’s Congress is going to look very different from the one that is finishing up now. Democrats will be in control of the House of Representatives, and while the Senate will be more Republican, they’ll be useless to get much done with Nancy Pelosi as Speaker of the House.

Many are pointing fingers at Pelosi and Senator Chuck Schumer for not wanting to fund the border wall. President Trump has asked for $5 billion in DHS funding, but the Democrats say they won’t give him the votes. As a result, the President says he will force a partial shutdown of the government.

In the midst of the holiday season, it’s hard to imagine the President following through with his threats. He could have. He’s had opportunities in the past to do so, but he has relented even while threatening to shut it down next time. Meanwhile, he and the Republicans are trying to lay blame on the Democrats for blocking the wall.

Here’s the thing, and I’ll refer to Shannon Joy’s Tweet to explain why the Republicans, not the Democrats, should be ashamed of their failure to fund the wall.

The problem of illegal immigration should be well on its way down the road of multiple solutions being enacted at once to dramatically reduce the flow. The wall should be trucking along in a way that’s noticeable; it shouldn’t require the President trying to convince people that there’s been progress on fixing walls here and building partial walls there. We should see it. We should feel it. Illegal immigration should be dropping.

Instead, it’s rising.

I’ve bit my tongue for too long on this issue, deferring to some of our immigration experts to write on the topic. But this is becoming ridiculous. Illegal immigration has been on the rise lately and thousands of migrants from the various caravans are already finding their way across the border.

Now, a child has died.

7-year-old immigrant girl dies after Border Patrol arrest Washington Post reports the girl died of dehydration and shock more than eight hours after she was arrested by agents near Lordsburg, New Mexico. The girl was from Guatemala and was traveling with a group of 163 people who approached agents to turn themselves in on Dec. 6.

It’s unknown what happened to the girl during the eight hours before she started having seizures and was flown to an El Paso hospital.

Processing 163 immigrants in one night could have posed challenges for the agency, whose detention facilities are meant to be temporary and don’t usually fit that many people.

I don’t blame the border patrol and anyone who does is missing the point. They are overwhelmed right now. With no wall and limited funding to defend the border, it’s way too easy for parents to think they’re doing the right thing by bypassing the amnesty they’re being offered in Mexico with hopes of getting better opportunity in America. I’m not suggesting the father isn’t to blame; in fact, he should be charged for putting his daughter in this situation to begin with. But it’s the failure of the GOP to use the power the people gave them that compelled these migrants to make the journey. After two years of control, the message should have been sent that we take our border security seriously. Instead they’ve learned something different.

The message has been the even with control, the GOP is feckless. The Democratic minority is more powerful than the Republican majority when it comes to border security.

President Trump deserves some blame, but it’s really his ignorance and inexperience at play instead of motivation. He was definitely motivated to build his glorious wall for the world to see, but he was conned by multiple “allies” into thinking they would get there in time. They stalled him in 2017 by claiming they could get Obamacare repealed and tax cuts done. Then, the stalled him in 2018 saying it wasn’t the right time to do battle before the midterms. Now, there’s no wall funding and no more time to get it.

The GOP is working harder on building a narrative than building a wall. We’re stuck between a damaging shutdown that may still not get the wall funded or no wall at all. Republicans and Independents voted for it, but the GOP failed to deliver.

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Why a John Kasich presidential run would be a good thing for President Trump



Why a John Kasich presidential run would be a good thing for President Trump

For some reason, outgoing Ohio Governor John Kasich won’t go away. He stayed in way too long in the 2016 GOP primaries and he’s strongly considering a presidential run in 2020. This would be a good thing… for President Trump.

The thing that keeps President Trump popular is getting out in public. He needs the press to be talking about him even if they’re talking negatively about him. That’s his power. When he’s in the news, his popularity grows. When he’s not in the news, his popularity dips.

Kasich may be able to help him stay in the news as a nomination challenger:

John Kasich admits he couldn’t beat Donald Trump if election held today“Tariffs are a bad idea. Debt is a bad idea. Family separation is a bad idea. Demonizing immigrants is a bad idea. And breaking down our alliances is bad too,” Kasich said.

The Ohio Democratic Party chairman, no fan of many of Kasich’s actions as governor, said Thursday that he admired Kasich’s willingness to take on Trump.

“For the sake of the country, I do think having someone, one person in that party, willing to actually speak out, is something that’s a good thing,” chairman David Pepper said.

2020 is likely going to have a ton of competitors vying for the Democratic nomination. They’re going to get the lion’s share of the news if President Trump goes unopposed. If Kasich and/or outgoing Senator Jeff Flake mount a run for the nomination, it would give the President a viable excuse to start campaigning and raising money. He’ll be doing that anyway, but until his Democratic challenger emerges, he won’t get the same level of attention.

Competition means he’ll be able to ramp up his campaign at an earlier stage. Some would say this is a bad thing since it means wasting resources that could be saved for the general election, but that’s based on traditional thinking. In the modern age, fundraising is much more pronounced when the threat is present.

In other words, the President could go into the general election season with more money and a stronger campaign if he is challenged early on for the nomination. He’s a puncher and he needs a present opponent in order to punch properly. Picking at the various Democratic challengers before one pulls ahead of the pack will be ineffective.

The wild card in the scenario is if Kasich runs as an independent, splitting the vote in the general election. This would be a disaster for the President.

By no means should Republicans (or anyone) ever support a John Kasich run. That’s not what I’m suggesting. But if it happens, we shouldn’t fret. The President will be able to make gains in exposure and fundraising as a result of a failed attempt by Kasich.

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Is Newt Gingrich the perfect Chief of Staff for President Trump?



Is Newt Gingrich the perfect Chief of Staff for President Trump

Rumors are flying following a visit to the White House by former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich and subsequent reports that he’s now at the top of President Trump’s Chief of Staff wishlist. If true, it’s not the safe pick that Nick Ayers would have been had he been willing to take the job. It’s not the prudent pick that Representative Mark Meadows would have been if he wasn’t more useful to the President on Capitol Hill. It would be the crazy, controversial, big splash pick that many had expected from the President’s cabinet when he was first sworn into office.

It may be the perfect pick at the perfect time for President Trump.

Right now, the President is building his reelection team. Make no mistake, everyone who is replaced as well as their replacements for the next year will be decided upon based on how well they can help the President win reelection. That’s standard practice in the White House, though some would argue these picks were supposed to be made from the beginning and not two years later, but this isn’t your parents’ White House.

Gingrich brings an extreme wealth of political knowledge to the table. It’s hard to find anyone who understands better how to navigate every political map in DC from Capitol Hill to special interest groups to the White House staff itself. Few have ever doubted his credentials. The problems with Gingrich have often circled around his private life. A President whose private life is already under attack may be the only one who could bring in a man like Gingrich.

Reactions on Twitter were as expected.

My Take

I may be biased since he was my pick for the GOP nomination in 2012, but I’m glad to see Gingrich in the mix. I would have rather seen Meadows in the role, but the President knows what the President knows.

This could all be a smokescreen to keep us focused on something other than Michael Cohen and the National Enquirer. Or it could just be more rampant unsubstantiated rumors cooked up by those who want to seem like they’re in the know. One would expect the President to Tweet about this right about now if it’s real.

I know every Democrat and a lot of Republicans would be against it, but I would love to see Newt Gingrich as Chief of Staff. He’s one of the smartest people in DC and would challenge the President when appropriate. We’ll know soon enough.

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