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Guns and Crime

Democrats will use gun control the way Republicans used Obamacare repeal



Democrats will use gun control the way Republicans used Obamacare repeal

Now that Democrats control the House of Representatives, they have three newly acquired powers. The first two are obvious: the ability to derail the entire legislative agenda the GOP had planned and the power of subpoena which they will surely use against President Trump as many times as they can without looking too foolish.

The third new power is passing symbolic legislation they know will never make it through the Senate. Even if it could, the President wouldn’t sign it. They don’t want him to, just as Republicans didn’t really want President Obama to sign the Obamacare repeal they put on his desk to veto.

What’s the point? Why put forth bills that won’t go anywhere? Answer: FEPO (For Election Purposes Only).

It worked for Republicans who gained seats on Capitol Hill every election after Obamacare was passed and could have won the White House in 2012 if they’d put up a candidate who wasn’t jokingly referred to as the original architect of Obamacare. Why anyone thought the man who brought Romneycare to Massachusetts could run on repealing Obamacare is beyond me, but I digress.

Republicans took the House in 2010 on the promise of repealing Obamacare. They won the Senate in 2014 by showing Americans they couldn’t put an Obamacare repeal on the President’s desk without a Senate majority. One of the biggest reasons Donald Trump won the White House in 2016 was so the Obamacare repeal bill vetoed by President Obama could be signed. Republicans were bluffing, of course, and didn’t even attempt to put the same bill on the President’s desk once they had Trump in the Oval Office. But again, I digress.

Democrats have a similar election trick up their sleeve. It’s gun control. Democrats in the House will send various gun control bills to the Senate for the singular purpose of getting Republicans on record as voting against them. They will use this to not only vie for Senate seats but also as ammunition (pun intended) against the President for his reelection bid.

They’ll tell Americans we need “common sense gun measures” but Republicans are preventing them from making it happen. Unfortunately, gun control is more popular at this point than Obamacare repeal was around this time in 2010. Republicans were able to convince more Americans that Obamacare was bad in the years that followed because what the people got wasn’t what they expected, but Democrats are starting their campaigns for gun control on better footing than Republicans had with Obamacare repeal.

Gallup polls showed Americans wanting gun control hit a 25-year high in March of this year with 67% saying gun laws should be more strict. Only 4% said they should be less strict. Compare that to Obamacare which didn’t break the 50% disapproval mark until the third quarter of 2013. It hit its peak of 56% disapproval just before the 2014 elections.

In other words, gun control is already more popular than Obamacare repeal ever was. If Republicans were able to use Obamacare repeal to help them win elections over a six-year period, how long will it take gun control to turn the tables on Republicans?

The only good news out of all this for Republicans is the universal influence of Obamacare versus the limited influence of gun control. The vast majority of Americans were directly affected by Obamacare in one way or another. Much fewer Americans are directly affected by gun control measures. It isn’t a top concern for most voters. Yet.

Democrats will do everything they can to increase concern. They’ll put forth gun control bills for the sole purpose of forcing Republicans to block them.

The big switch

Republicans are well aware of the Democrats’ plans. They’re stuck in a Catch-22. If they vote against gun control, Republicans in blue or purple states will become vulnerable. If they vote in favor of gun control, they’ll lose portions of their base and the wealth of endorsements, campaign dollars, and PAC support they currently receive from gun owners’ rights groups. Any Republican with poor ratings from the NRA and other conservative organizations is likely to get primaried, blacklisted, or both.

If the risk of losing the center becomes greater than the risk of losing the right, it’s very possible we could see a shift in many Republican lawmakers.

This poses the biggest threat to the 2nd Amendment. Fear drives policies. If Democrats are able to scare enough Republicans, including the President, into accepting their “common sense gun measures,” the dominoes will start to fall. I don’t trust moderate Republicans enough to draw the line now. If they give in to fear of losing elections, many will start “evolving” their views to match the electorate.

Lest we forget, President Trump has already “evolved” in his own views on gun owners’ rights. So far, that evolution has brought him further to the right, but if a strong majority of voters threaten to derail his reelection bid, it’s possible he could evolve in the other directions. I don’t think it will happen, but anyone who thinks they can predict President Trump’s future is foolish.

Democrats will push for gun control harder than they ever have now that they own the House. They want to win elections with it, but if they get gun control legislation passed instead, they’ll accept it as a nice consolation prize.

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Guns and Crime

Newt Gingrich calls for release of information regarding Imran Awan



Newt Gingrich calls for release of information regarding Imran Awan

Former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich called on the House of Representatives Inspector General Mike Ptasienski to release information regarding Imran Awan, the former employee for Debbie Wasserman Schultz who participated in illegal activities while working IT for the Representative.

He isn’t trying to nail Awan, who made a plea deal, Schultz, or anyone else in Congress. The reason he wants the documents released is to demonstrate that the investigation by the FBI was completely insufficient. He said they interviewed 40 people. That number, to Gingrich, is very low considering the scope of the charges against Awan and his associated over a 13-year period.

“Conducting investigative interviews in this manner suggests that the FBI investigators merely wanted to be able to say that they contacted witnesses and raises significant questions as to whether these interviews were actually conducted in good faith,” Gingrich wrote on Facebook.

I’m not a lawyer or law enforcement officer, but everything listed in Gingrich’s post makes me believe he is correct.

“The sheer scale and size of the alleged criminal activity, the potential damage it could have caused, and the continual threats it potentially poses for the United States, raises significant questions that every American deserves to have answered.”

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Guns and Crime

Suspect dead, 4 critical after hospital shooting



Suspect dead 4 critical after hospital shootinga

CHICAGO (AP) — The Latest on a shooting at a Chicago hospital (all times local):

5 p.m.

Police say the suspected gunman is dead and four people are in critical condition following a shooting at a Chicago hospital.

Chicago police spokesman Anthony Guglielmi says a police officer and at least one hospital employee are among those hospitalized in critical condition following the Monday afternoon shooting at Mercy Hospital.

Guglielmi says the gunman was killed, but it’s unclear if he took his own life or was killed by police.

The department issued a statement earlier on Twitter saying there were “reports of multiple victims” after shots were fired near the hospital on the city’s South Side. Police are asking people to avoid the area.

A spokesman for Mayor Rahm Emanuel says the mayor and Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson are monitoring the situation.


4:15 p.m.

Chicago police say an officer has been shot during an active-shooting incident at a hospital on the city’s South Side.

Police spokesman Anthony Guglielmi says the officer is in critical condition. He says one “possible offender” has also been shot, and that officers are now searching the hospital.

The department issued a statement on Twitter saying there were “reports of multiple victims” after shots were fired Monday afternoon near Mercy Hospital. Police are asking people to avoid the area. No other details were immediately released.

A message left for hospital officials wasn’t immediately returned.

Television footage shows several people, including some wearing white coats, walking through a parking lot with their arms up.


4 p.m.

Chicago police say officers are searching a hospital after a reported shooting and that one “possible offender” has been shot.

The department issued a statement on Twitter saying there are “reports of multiple victims” after shots were fired Monday afternoon near Mercy Hospital on the city’s South Side.

Police spokesman Anthony Guglielmi says officers are searching the hospital. He says at least one “possible offender is shot,” but no details were immediately released. Police are asking people to avoid the area.

A message left for hospital officials wasn’t immediately returned.

Television footage shows several people, including some wearing white coats, walking through a parking lot with their arms up.


3:50 p.m.

Chicago police say they are responding to a shooting near a Chicago hospital with “reports of multiple victims.”

A department spokesman issued a statement on Twitter saying officers are responding after shots were fired near Mercy Hospital on the city’s South Side. The department says there are “reports of multiple victims.”

The police department says it didn’t immediately have more details. A message left for hospital officials wasn’t immediately returned.

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Conspiracy Theory

The Liberty grabber Left has nuked its own argument over guns. Part I




The Liberty grabber Left has nuked its own argument over guns Part I

The Left can’t argue that you don’t need a gun because the government won’t turn tyrannical while threatening that the government will turn tyrannical.

In what has to be the ultimate and game-changing tweet, Representative Eric Swalwell (D-CA) threatened nuclear annihilation to anyone who refuses to give up their right of self-defense. The ensuing ‘fallout’ seeing him resort to damage control tactic of saying that thermonuclear gun confiscation was just a ‘joke’. After all, Who hasn’t chuckled at the prospect of the government going tyrannical with an H-bomb? One can easily see the bumper stickers now: Vote Swalwell 2020- or I will nuke your…

One of the Left’s favorite little tactics is to accuse those of the Pro-Liberty right of being ‘terrorists’ as their usual method of demonizing their opponents. Take note of the Oxford English Dictionary definition of the word Terrorist:

Adjective [attributive] Unlawfully using violence and intimidation, especially against civilians, in the pursuit of political aims.

Late 18th century: from French terroriste, from Latin terror (see terror). The word was originally applied to supporters of the Jacobins in the French Revolution, who advocated repression and violence in pursuit of the principles of democracy and equality.

The long train of demands for gun confiscation

Perhaps Eric ‘Nukem’ Swalwell doesn’t realize his tweet was the ultimate in the listing of demands for gun confiscation by the Liberty grabber Left. A long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute despotism, as Thomas Jefferson termed it in the Declaration of Independence. That his erstwhile ‘joke’ he, Piers Morgan and others have made is the nuclear straw that broke the camels back. They, along with all the other Leftists who have demanded gun confiscation have initiated a sea of change in the debate over the common sense human right of self-defense.

The old approach by the Left that denied that confiscation was their ultimate goal

It used to be that the Left would hide behind a mask of support of the 2nd amendment. Never mind that each move they made was towards their final solution to the gun problem. Their tired refrain to most arguments about guns was that ‘No one is talking about gun confiscation’ or ‘No one is talking about repealing the 2nd amendment’ or some variation thereof. This was a way to short-circuit the debate to one of incremental or ‘progressive’ steps negating any of their ill effects.

Pointing out that some new law would punish 120 million gun owners for the deeds of a few criminals would see the abject denial of ‘no one is being punished’ or ‘No one is talking about gun confiscation’.

Mention that a new restriction on freedom infringing on the 2nd amendment and those who pretend to be Liberal on the Left would answer back ‘No one is talking about repealing the 2nd amendment’.

Talk about Intergalactic Background Checks [or Universal, enhanced or ‘Common sense’] would place government control over your personal property while acting as a stepping stone to confiscation would be met with the assertion that you must believe in conspiracy theories and that ‘No one is talking about gun confiscation’.

The disturbing trend in Leftists demands for gun confiscation.

We have previously established that the Left wants to ban and confiscate all guns with over 70 documented instances of those demands. Leaving out the multiplying effect of the excerpting and reprinting of those demands.

This arduous task was under taken to prove a point, that the Left has dropped the mask on this subject. But it has also revealed a disturbing trend over the years. What began a few years ago as few and far between calls for gun confiscation has morphed into far more strident and frequent demands. Demands that were only made in obscure far-Left online publications have found their way into the mainstream and supposedly Liberal media sources. The rate on the number of demands made per ‘serious crisis’ have accelerated to the ultimate demand made by Eric ‘Nukem’ Swalwell. This has manifestly changed the debate in favour of the Pro-Liberty Conservative side.

Consider a sampling of these demands:

What began as mere calls to amend the Constitution – removing a fundamental human right in the process – or banning certain ‘types’ of guns. Have become threats to turn over all of our guns or to ‘comprise’ and lose some of them with incremental steps.

Then the Left became impatient, unable to restrain it’s ‘collective’ hatred of Liberty.

For at least the past several years, to say that those two talking points [or a variation thereof] were a complete and total lie would be an understatement of epic proportions. But even now that hasn’t stopped Leftists from denying the obvious.

But now the Nuke comment has changed all of that, everyone is now seeing that the Left has been making their demands for gun confiscation in every corner of their echo chamber. This is part of the reason many have undertaken the task of documenting these demands such as Here, Here and of course here.

Their open demands for gun confiscation and for the suppression of other types of Liberty have changed the dynamic. It is now a question of Liberty versus tyranny – with the Left being on the side of governmental oppression to the tune of nuclear annihilation if one does not comply.

In part II we will examine the debate in terms of the new paradigm of Liberty versus Tyranny.

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