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Will conservatives get serious about issues when the 2018 election is over?



Will conservatives get serious about issues when the 2018 election is over

Election Day is finally here … thank God! While there might be a few races too close to call, thus requiring a recount or a runoff, the results of an election considered to be a referendum on Trump and his presidency will be decided.

Making the election all about himself was a clever move by the ego-maniacal narcissist. By taking his all-about-me show on the road over the past few weeks, Trump was able to use the politics of distraction to convince his rabid base of followers that America has become the land of rainbows and unicorns, thanks to his magical magnificence.

While Trump’s slight-of-hand presidency will go on after today, the end of the current election season will hopefully allow us to focus on the things that he has tried to keep hidden with help from the so-called conservative media.

Throughout his 2018 mid-term sideshow, Trump has been touting the success he and the GOP have had on issues like the economy, healthcare, and immigration. Yet, the facts regarding these back burner issues are quite different from the rhetoric. For example:

Trump promised to release a new tax-cut plan for the middle-class tax before today’s election, but no such plan materialized. It never existed. He made it up.

Despite claims that his trade war has been as success, the stock market lost all of its gains from 2018, farming is getting hammered by China’s retaliatory tariffs, layoffs have begun, and consumer prices are going up on nearly everything.

The GOP made another election-year round of promises to repeal Obamacare if given another two years in the majority and they decried “Medicare for all.” But Trump renewed his commitment to government-run healthcare by promising to protect Medicare while guaranteeing that the GOP will keep key parts of Obamacare such as protecting people with pre-existing conditions.

On immigration, there has been some talk about repealing the Fourteenth Amendment by executive order to end birthright citizenship and using the military as a political prop to stop the caravan of immigrants approaching our southern border.

A few months ago Trump abandoned his promise to fix the illegal immigration problem when he signed the #MiniBusBetrayal that fully funded DACA, sanctuary cities, and refugee resettlements while providing no funds for ICE or his infamous wall.

These are just a few issues, but I think you get the idea.

The 2018 election is history. It’s time to get back to addressing the real issues now that the 2020 election season is under way.

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