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A last minute plea to the last minute voter



A last minute plea to the last minute voter

Look at what the Left isn’t talking about to indicate the importance of voting today.

This is in the spirit of a similar situation a few years ago working the phones for Cory Gardner, eking out the last few votes. Each one counts in charting the destiny of the nation.

What the national Democratic socialists aren’t talking about.

Many have detailed what the Left has to offer. It’s certainly not much when it can be contained within a few tweets. But as a change of pace, let’s discuss that which they dare not mention, at least among what they would deem to be the great unwashed.

The so-called ‘March for our lives’.

Does anyone remember the ‘March for our lives’? Back in the spring, Liberty control was the thing. This was supposed to be a game changer, with hundreds of adults cast as children and teens by a sycophantic media. Leftist arrogance was on full display with many brandishing signs with demands for gun confiscation. Many a video had marchers dictating the scope of our basic human rights.

A common refrain being that we needed to banish ‘21st century weapons’ to the likes of the fascists of ‘Antifa’ or purported Black Panther Party members campaigning for Stacey Abrams. Oddly enough, no one on the Liberty grabber Left seems to mention this anymore. It would seem as though depriving people of their Liberty wasn’t a winning issue. But make no mistake, if the Left wins today, they will be back with all manner of new ways to restrict your liberty –Vote accordingly.

The Kavanaugh confirmation travesty.

Yes, it seemed so long ago, who can remember how old they were a month ago when the confirmation circus was in town? Way back then, the Left asked the trenchant question: Who really needs the presumption of innocence as well as Constitutional protections of the accused?

No display of mob tactics was beyond the pale for the Left – up to and including trying to ban the use of the word ‘mob’. They literally ended up banging on the doors of the Supreme Court at the end of that debacle – something to also consider when casting your vote.

The Illegal Invasion ‘caravan’.

The Leftist media had to be dragged kicking and screaming to this story since it illustrates the danger to the country. They’ve tried various dodges to downplay it’s danger but as this article from colleague Kerry Marasco, shows that there are a number of disturbing questions about this illegal invasion. This is a prime example of the danger in the Left attaining power. Success by one invading column will encourage follow on elements and the country cannot take in the 150 Million people that would like to enter. Not to mention that while the Leftist Media will reluctantly discuss this issue, they are turning a blind eye to the mass exodus from the socialist ‘Utopias’ of Nicaragua and Venezuela.

The takeaway.

We didn’t even mention the economy or that the Left loves to play word games with the ownership of property in trying to pretend that someone keeping their hard earned possessions is somehow ‘Giving’ them something.

These and many other reasons are why you need to do your part. The choice before us is one of Liberty or Tyranny – chose wisely and Vote.


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