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Cable news should end pretense and declare their bias openly



Cable news should end pretense and declare their bias openly

Mainstream media has lost all credibility. It isn’t just the leftist puppets at CNN, NY Times, MSNBC, and WaPo. It’s Fox News and to some extent the Wall Street Journal. They all pretend to report the news but have become increasingly partisan to the point that all of them pick one side or the other on every issue.

All of them.

Every issue.

No news report that has any political ramifications is free of bias. Perhaps they never were, but at least an attempt at unbiased reporting was maintained to some extent as recently as the 1990s. At the turn of the century it started changing. The attempts to remain unbiased were replaced by attempts to hide their bias. Those latter attempts have been replaced by Orwellian newspeak designed to fool their bases into believing they really are more fair to the news than their competitors.

Let’s drop the subterfuge. It’s time for the cable news networks to just come out and acknowledge they’re tilting the news in favor of their chosen political affiliations. Just say it. Viewers already know. Leftists don’t watch Fox News unless they’re looking for talking points to counter. Conservatives don’t watch CNN unless… well, they don’t watch CNN. Nobody watches MSNBC unless CNN and Fox News are running commercials.

To some extent, the big reveal has already happened. Fox News has been most unabashed in their declarations of support for the President, but they still took offense when Sean Hannity took the stage with President Trump last night after declaring he wouldn’t.

Hannity appears on stage at Trump rally, despite vowing he wouldn’t News censured its biggest star Tuesday, saying that Sean Hannity should not have appeared onstage a night earlier with President Donald Trump at his final campaign rally before the midterm elections.

Hannity’s cameo appearance Monday in Cape Girardeau, Missouri, directly contradicted a pledge he had made hours earlier not to take the stage with the president. It also contradicted assurances from network brass that, despite a Trump campaign press release touting Hannity’s appearance as part of the rally, he would not be a guest of the president’s.

Hannity was not wrong to appear on stage with the President. His only mistake was claiming that he wouldn’t. He has been a supporter of the President’s since the early days of the primary campaign in 2015. There’s nothing wrong with him going on stage at this point because he has made no attempts to pretend to be unbiased. His model is the model I would prefer to see from all cable news personalities.

CNN pretends to be unbiased while allowing their hosts to go completely unhinged following the last election. Some screamed at the camera. Others cried openly. They supported Hillary Clinton. This election they support the Democrats. They oppose everything President Trump says or does. If he declared he’d found the cure for cancer, their headline would be “Trump undercuts oncologists, cancer researches in their quest to save lives.”

Of the three major cable news networks, CNN is by far the worst when it comes to pretending to be unbiased. They actually make public relations campaigns that try to convince people they only deal in the truth. When a network lies about telling the truth, they really are lost.

Print publications are no better. The NY Times and Washington Post may publish an occasional right-leaning opinion piece for the sake of saying, “see, we’re unbiased,” but they’ve become leftist propaganda machines that are, in many ways, worse than the cable news networks. Viewers can make choices much more easily when it comes to what they watch on television. When it comes to reading stories, especially online, people are usually funneled to the “major” news outlets. Do a search on any political topic and the top results will be NY Times, WaPo, Politico, or one of the other left-leaning “respected” publications because the search engines themselves are biased. That’s for another article.

There’s no need for anyone in mainstream media to try to convince us they don’t lean in one political direction or the other. Videos like this one should make everyone cringe.

Most Americans already know which way each news network leans. Putting up false pretenses or making videos about apples and bananas are insults to our intelligence. Just come out and say it. Stop pretending to be unbiased.


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