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If the Republic wins…



If the Republic wins

If the ‘Democratic’ socialists win, Liberty and our representative republic loses.

Let’s bring this down to first principles. The Midterms are once again a battle between Individualism and Collectivism. Between those who value Liberty versus those who value control. To phrase it bluntly, a contest for those who want people to be controlled – their control – and those who want to be left alone.

The Individualist majority.

It is our contention that most people fall into the ‘want to be left alone’ mindset. They want to live their lives with minimal interference from the government. They will deal with a certain amount of control for the purpose of earning a living or societal constructs such driving a motorised vehicle on the public streets. They understand that taxation is a necessary evil for the purpose of providing those public goods or supporting the downtrodden. They also understand the basic principle that people are born with varying abilities or talents. That it is impossible to equalise outcomes because these individual variations.

Most people are of the Individualist category, even though they may not be fully aware of it. This includes those who are truly Liberal as well as others on the Right such as Conservatives or Libertarians. While there may be minor quibbles over some policy matters, most will agree with the basic rationality of Liberty.

The Collectivist minority.

Then there is a small segment of the population who live to control others. These are people who see everything through the lens of politics. They aren’t satisfied with running their own lives, they want to run everyone else’s as well. They have various justifications for needing this power – the ‘threat’ from the climate changing to the danger of ‘gun’ violence – but it’s the control over others that they crave. As Bill Whittle discussed a couple of days ago in a video on the ‘Anger Gap’, politics is the primary motivator for the Left, it’s their way of getting the world they want – a world where they get to tell people what to do.

Recent studies have shown that it’s only a small segment of our society that wants to control everyone else. This was exemplified by the polling that showed that 80% of the country is fed up with the ‘political correctness’ craze that seeks tyrannical control over speech and behaviour.

The Collectivist’s inherent advantages make them seem more powerful than they are.

So why does it seem that the 20% Collectivist minority is bigger than it appears? Unfortunately for those on the side of Liberty, the Left has a built-in structural advantage in that Collectivism lends itself perfectly to control and group action. Collectivists are predisposed to come together to ‘stop gun violence’ or whatever. Individualists generally eschew this kind of action.

That recent study showed that only 8% of the country had an affinity for the Liberty control of ‘political correctness’, but that small segment of the population includes the megaphone of the socialist media. Thus they seem bigger and more influential than they deserve.

The contest is between individualist and collectivist or Liberty and Tyranny.

This is what everyone needs to keep in mind. The contrast is clear in comparing the pro-liberty right with the socialist-Left. While the latter makes all manner of promises to buy votes on credit, it should be plain that it is impossible for them to fulfil these promises, just as it always has been the case with the Collectivists.

Others have detailed the differences between the two sides, with reasons to vote here, here, here and here, please check them out. It should be clear that the Left cannot offer anything but empty promises to the Individualist majority and control to the Collectivist minority.

They have laid out their socialist national agenda, so we know what they are promising:

  • Open borders to bring in a permanent underclass who will vote for a living.
  • Higher Taxes to these buy votes
  • The precursor to gun confiscation – Intergalactic Background Checks
  • Endless investigations and impeachment of any who displeases them

The last word – a warning from Benjamin Franklin.

These are just some of the negative repercussions if the Left wins. It will harken back to the warning issued by Benjamin Franklin at the close of the Constitutional Convention in 1787 when he responded to the question: ‘What have we got a republic or a monarchy?’ To which he responded: ‘A republic, if you can keep it.’

The Left would like to tear that republic apart through any means. Everyone needs to vote accordingly. Vote as though your Liberty were at stake – because it is.

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The truth about Thanksgiving



The truth about Thanksfiving

Thanksgiving for many of us has been presented as a time when diversity worked. When a group of people who came seeking refuge from religious persecution was saved by another group of people. A time when different cultures could come together and share what they had to offer one another, culminating in a feast consisting of corn and turkey that was made to honor that moment.

Sadly, the most recent depiction of this pivotal moment in our history has been turned into an American horror story. A story that depicts white Europeans who came to wipe out all the innocent natives by disease and war. The evil white man brought with them more evil white men who only wanted to destroy and kill, to take land that didn’t belong to them and annihilate anyone who wasn’t white. Because that’s all white people want.

Neither of these versions are remotely true.

The Pilgrims were not fleeing from persecution. Nor did they spread disease or kill an entire village of Native Americans. They simply came to a new world filled with the hope of freedom – freedom to live by the values and principles as defined by the word of God. They came to the new world to give their families that chance rather than being overtaken by a society they felt did not reflect those values. It was so important to them that they risked their lives and the lives of their children to make the voyage. A voyage that landed them far from where they were expecting.

After arriving to the new world it was clear that God had a plan. The circumstances which led up to the first thanksgiving – for both the Europeans and the Native American that helped them – could only be explained by divine providence.

Despite being told this is a time to apologize or to be shameful for our history as a nation, the truth is Thanksgiving should be the most important and revered time for all Americans. A time of remembrance of God’s grace and divine providence for a group of people that risked everything to honor Him, including a Native American by the name of Squanto.

The diversity of God’s grace is what we, Americans, should be celebrating. Not multiculturalism.

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Marco Rubio whips out Bible verse that goes after the Florida recount debacle



Marco Rubio whips out Bible verse that goes after the Florida recount debacle

There are two prevailing opinions pertaining to the Florida election and subsequent recounts. Democrats generally feel like it’s good to “count every ballot” until they win, even if that means “finding” more ballots to add to their candidates’ tallies. Republicans have been fighting against the recounts despite that play coming across ingenuously to voters on both sides.

We should want every valid vote counted. The operative word there is “valid.”

Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL), a Catholic, Tweeted a Bible verse that seemed apropos to the current debacle in Florida.

One might even say this draws in one of the favorite punching bags for Republicans, former presidential candidate “Crooked” Hillary Clinton. That wasn’t the intent, I’m sure, but it’s always fun to laugh at Hillary.

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3 reasons President Trump should offer Asia Bibi asylum



3 reasons President Trump should offer Asia Bibi asylum

There are certain political moves that can be considered “no-brainers” for anyone in Washington DC. Offering persecuted Pakistani Christian Asia Bibi asylum is one of them.

The drawbacks of doing so are few but potent. It would enrage hardline Muslims in the United States who may go after Bibi and her family, but that’s a risk she’ll face anywhere she goes. It would put US citizens and military personnel at greater risk than they already are when traveling abroad, especially in Muslim majority nations like Pakistan. Lastly, it would spark negative press against the President who would ask whether or not he would do the same for a Muslim in a similar circumstance.

All of those negatives are mitigated by three important positives.

  1. It goes against the bigotry narrative. Don’t get me wrong. Mainstream media and leftists will still try to paint the act of offering asylum to a persecuted Pakistani family as racist because she’s Christian. Thankfully, most Americans are smart enough to see through that false narrative.
  2. Pakistan won’t mind. If anything, their preference would be for America, which is already evil in the eyes of most hardline Islamic Pakistanis, to accept a burden that will only perpetuate a narrative that already exists.
  3. It’s the right thing to do. Any time the President of the United States can do the right thing, he should. Lately, there just haven’t been many opportunities to do so.

Every day that passes brings Asia Bibi and her family closer to the dangers that are closing in on them in Pakistan. They need to be taken in as soon as possible. Italy, Germany, and even Canada have offered to step up. The United States needs to do the same.

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