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Dave Brat knows we need immigration reform, not identity politics



Representative Dave Brat (R-VA) has been one of the most important voices on Capitol Hill fighting to promote legal immigration while slowing the insane growth of illegal immigration. His star in the House of Representatives is growing, but he faces a tough challenge for reelection from a tenacious attack protocol employed by Democrats that is built on a foundation of lies.

Brat has fought for protections for legal immigrants as well as DACA kids, but you’d never know that if you only listened to ads run through outside money in an attempt to mislead Virginia voters. They are playing identity politics against him, a tactic he ironically called out in June on a topic that had nothing to do with his reelection.

Virginia and America need Dave Brat on Capitol Hill. Few in Congress understand the economy as well as he does and his battles to protect American citizens from the stream of criminal illegal immigrants have been legendary. Vote for Brat on Tuesday.


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