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Ukranian activist Kateryna Handzyuk dies from acid attack wounds



Ukranian activist Kateryna Handzyuk dies from acid attack wounds

Speaking out against corruption in Ukraine’s law enforcement agencies is dangerous. Activist Kateryna Handzyuk knew this and chose to continue her fight. In July she suffered a vicious acid attack. Today, she died from the wounds sustained from the attack despite 11 surgeries.

The 33-year-old was doused with sulfuric acid just outside her home on July 31. Five people are in custody but no charges have been filed. It’s believed the masterminds behind the attack are still at large.

EU Enlargement Commissioner Johannes Hahn took to Twitter to express his condolences.

Ukraine has many issues to contend with as infighting continues in the torn nation. Pro-Russian and pro-Ukrainian groups often clash over the future of the nation. This has helped turn the police system into a pay-to-protect service that ebbs and flows based on the source of bribes.

Handzyuk’s attack is not isolated. There have been at least 40 attacks against corruption activists in Ukraine since 2017.

Ukraine activist Kateryna Handzyuk dies after acid attack September, the activist – who also campaigned against Russian-backed separatism – posted a video in which she urged Ukrainians to fight rampant corruption.

“I know I look bad now. But at least I’m being treated,” she said. “And I definitely know that I look much better that justice in Ukraine. Because nobody is treating it.”

When the people designated to protect the citizens are the ones who concern the citizens the most, where does that leave them? Corruption is rampant in Ukraine and the people have few voices to speak out. Today, they lost another.


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