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Egypt’s Coptic Christians targeted in another terrorist attack that leaves seven dead



Egypts Coptic Christians targeted in another terrorist attack that leaves seven dead

Minority Coptic Christians in Egypt have been a favored target by radical Islamic extremists since the rise of the Islamic State. The latest attack has not been claimed by ISIS but recent history tells us they were likely involved.

A tour bus was attacked by gunmen outside of St. Samuel the Confessor monastery in Minya. Seven Coptic Christians were killed and 14 more were injured.

Terrorists slaughter Coptic Christians in Egypt“Terrorists opened fire on a tour bus from Sohag province, heading back from the … monastery,” the archbishop said.

President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi said he mourned the victims as martyrs and vowed to forge ahead with a campaign against jihadists.

“I assert our determination to fight dark terrorism and to pursue the perpetrators,” he said on Twitter.

My Take

Western media has become quite bored with covering these types of tragedies in the Middle East. The only reason this one is getting any attention at all is that it occurred in Egypt instead of Syria, Iraq, or other more volatile countries in the region.

Christians must remember all of our brothers and sisters around the world. While charity begins at home, it’s important for us to do what we can to help those in other nations being persecuted for their beliefs.


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