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Google abandoned ‘don’t be evil’ motto just in time to be evil



Google abandoned dont be evil motto just in time to be evil

The only thing that separates tech giants like Google and Amazon from similarly sized companies like Walmart or Exxon Mobile is age. As much as many people want to believe they’re different because they’re run by the new guard in big money instead of old rich guys, they’re really in the same boat without the benefit of experience.

Unfortunately, this translates to them also lacking sincerity.

Take, for example, Google’s recent troubles. It wasn’t too long ago that Google’s motto was “don’t be evil.” Since forming in 2000, the company has tried to maintain this way of doing business and operating as a thought leader to the western world. That changed a bit in 2015 when they reorganized as Alphabet in 2015 and changed their motto to “do the right thing.” Still, the old motto remained in the employee handbook until this year when it was finally removed.

Now, they’re facing multiple accusations of poor executive management regarding everything from sexual misconduct to aiding the government in spying on citizens. Now, some of their employees are speaking out:

Google’s Women’s Walk Protest: What You Need to Know“Thousands” of employees at Google offices around the world are expected to participate in a “women’s walk” protest on Thursday in response to the company’s mishandling of sexual harassment and other tensions within the technology giant.

Employees from more than 60 percent of Google offices worldwide will participate, organizers for the walkout told Gizmodo in an email. Google maintains 23 offices in the U.S., three in Canada, and more than 50 others around the globe.

My Take

It’s hard to bite the hand that feeds you. This site, with no real budget to promote itself otherwise, relies on Google for the lion’s share of its traffic. I even asked if it was a good idea to write this short piece, just in case the editors objected. They didn’t. In fact, they encouraged me to write a longer piece exposing Google’s short yet loaded history of evils.

I will. Soon. Until then, we’ll wait and see how the Women’s Walk protests go.

There is so much good a company like Google can do, and that may be the problem. With so much power over the collective mindset of western society, it seems they may be willing to forgive some obvious sins that fit into their idea of a greater good.


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