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Democrats in the midterms: Are they qualified to ‘rule the population’? [Part I]



Democrats in the midterms Are they qualified to rule the population Part I

The many varied reasons why you shouldn’t vote for the Democratic collective.

All through the Kavanaugh confirmation ordeal, the Left incessantly repeated the mantra that he wasn’t qualified based on their rapidly moving goalposts. The rationale being a bizarre but unvoiced legal standard that he was ‘collectively’ unqualified because other women had been assaulted. With this collectivist viewpoint being completely at odds with Conservative and Liberal ideals of individual freedom and rights.

Then the New York Times published a piece from a professor of philosophy at Emory University that asserts this very idea out in the open – the idea that people can be ‘collectively complicit in societal issues

By now, many of you are probably saying, this doesn’t apply to me — I’m innocent.

It’s true that many of us, including me, have not committed vile acts of rape, sexual assault and sexual abuse the likes of which Harvey Weinstein has been accused of.

Yet I argue that we are collectively complicit with a sexist mind-set and a poisonous masculinity rooted in the same toxic male culture from which these men emerged.

That kind of emotional ‘Logic’ is abhorrent to those who are truly Liberal in that it rejects individual Liberty and individual responsibility, in favour of it’s ‘collectivised’ versions. But since the Democrats insist upon judging others with a broad brush, we should evaluate them on the same basis.

Applying collective judgement to the Democrats.

Consider how the Left would fair if they were all judged as a collective. Would they deserve our support or should they be shunned from polite society? It’s at this point the collectivists will show their duplicity in wanting to be judged as individuals, pointing fingers at others in their party as did Claire McCaskill. They act as a group, so they will be judged as a group.

Part I will examine the Left’s innate ability to lie and prevaricate beginning with their use of false labels. Part II will examine the Left’s temperament and predilection for violence and terror. Both will make the case for their being unfit to rule, and why they do not deserve any electoral support.

False labels: Leftist use of the term Liberal to imply that which they are not – advocates of Liberty.

Leftists love to exploit that term defined in the precepts of individual Liberty and freedom. It graphically shows their dishonesty in supposedly being liberators while tirelessly working against the cause of Liberty. This is exemplified by their use of the word Liberator as the name for several of their publications. With their astounding use of the term the collective to describe their editorial staff of one of them. In additon, they also use phrase ‘Wars of Liberation’ to describe their imposition of tyranny.

The Left’s collectivist basis is completely at odds to this word, but that doesn’t stop them from falsely using whenever it is advantageous for them. Their incessant attacks against most of the bill of rights while pretending to be ‘Liberal’ should make them unfit in and of itself.

Their term progressivism contradicted by their advocacy of post-modernism.

Postmodernism is the essence of a fair amount of ‘progressive’ thought. As the Encyclopaedia Britannica details this philosophy:

Indeed, many of the doctrines characteristically associated with postmodernism can fairly be described as the straightforward denial of general philosophical viewpoints that were taken for granted during the 18th-century Enlightenment.

[Our emphasis]

In other words, a rejection of the progress of the modern world that was born of the age of enlightenment. This of course includes rejection of the scientific method and the overwhelming benefits of technology, all from the ‘Party of science™’.

It should also be noted that most ‘progressive’ ideas reach back at least several centuries, if not to ancient times. Going backwards is supposedly ‘Progress’ to Democrats. As Andrew Klavan said in his latest video: Leftese Dictionary: K is for Ku Klux Klan ‘Leftese describes a world that is exactly the opposite of reality’.

The fascist tactics of the ‘Anti-fascists’

This is only a small segment of the Leftist collective, but since they insist on judging everyone else as aggregated entities, the same should be applied to them. This is also one of the Democrat’s most egregious false labels since these tiny mobs act fascistically despite their self-labeling. Part and parcel of this is that the Left’s media arm dutifully parrots the ‘Anti-fascist’ meme to the point of dishonourably comparing them to W.W.II veterans who fought against fascism and socialism in actuality.

Democrats rejecting democracy.

Failing to carry out their agenda via legislation, the Left tends to use the courts and specifically the Supreme Court as a 9 person ‘super-legislature’ to force their agenda on the nation. This was why they became so agitated over the Kavanaugh confirmation, since it closed off one of the avenues to implement their policies. This use of the courts instead of the will of the people is also a rejection of the very meaning of their label as ‘Democrats’.

They’ve also bolted this term onto the label for their base ideology, but the blood soaked history of socialism shows that it’s never been ‘democratic’. There is just something about gulags and firing squads that seems to be at odds with the word.

The one case where the Left is honest in self-labeling: socialist.

One might almost have to give them kudos for finally coming out of the authoritarian closet, but even that calls into question their veracity – at least in the past. For years, most mainstream Democrats denied being socialists, then as of late they’ve dropped the mask. Curiously enough, their raft of policy points didn’t change. It was as though they were pushing their socialist national agenda all along, but didn’t have the integrity to admit the truth of the matter.

This also highlights the Democratic duplicity in their media arm switching the colours that signify the two sides in the Left-Right political spectrum. The better part of the last century saw the socialist-Left being designated by the colour Red, with it’s adherents typically called ‘Reds’. Just as in other cases, the socialist-Left swapped the colours to confuse the issue. These are but a few examples of Leftist false labels that renders them unworthy of leadership.

Democratic Lies in other realms.

Trying to properly identify all the lies of the Left is a daunting task in and of itself, making this essay far too cumbersome in scope. These range from outright lies in specific parts of the Left’s socialist national agenda to subtle word play in how they frame the issues. We will try to touch only on the highlights of the most egregious examples. Please don’t become offended if we give short shrift to these lies since that we all have our favourites.

Tax cuts give money to the wealthy.

This linguistic word play comes in many forms, but they are all predicated on the collectivist viewpoint on property ownership. This is the only way one can logically assert that letting someone keep what they already own is somehow ‘giving’ them something. Leftist-Collectivist dogma is that all property is somehow the purview of the government. This is why they object to the phrase made famous by Margaret Thatcher that ‘There is no such thing as public money; there is only taxpayers money’. Coincidentally enough, this oft repeated talking point stokes the fires of division via class warfare while absolving the Left from charges of theft when they steal almost everyone’s hard earned property. They empower themselves while setting people against each other, does that even sound like people who should ‘Rule the population’?

No one is talking about gun confiscation.

This is a Democratic deception that deserves a place of honour in the pantheon of Leftist mendacity. As has been well documented with over 70 cases and counting, Leftists all over the countryside have demanded gun confiscation using multiple forms or euphemisms. While at the same time other Leftists will assert with a straight face that no one is talking about that very subject. Sometimes you have to admire the conjones of a collective that will lie both ways at the same time, but not here.

You can keep your doctor.

While it’s a bit dated, it’s present day equivalent is the fantasy proposal of ‘Medicare for all’. Yes, it will all be roses and rainbows with this and all kinds of goodies courtesy of other people’s money. Just don’t ask them to fill in the funding details, they might as well talk about unicorns that will come galloping in carrying bags of golden tickets to pay for it all. It’s just a simple matter of tripling taxes to on the top 80% and viola! Free Obamacare for everyone!

Socialism has never been tried before.

If there was any occasion for a necessary lie for the Left, it would have to be this abject denial of historic fact. They certainly cannot admit to the legacy of failure that has been the reality of socialism for almost 200 years. Neither can they admit to the logical fact that is it based on the brutal application of force or that it has been the cause of a death toll of over 100 Million. For the socialist-Left, they have no other choice, they have to deny abject reality at every turn. To do something else – admit the obvious – would be to condemn their national agenda.
They have nothing else to run on except for promises that can never be fulfilled. They have to emphasise all the free goodies that will be forthcoming in their upcoming Utopia instead of the brutal reality of forcing societal slavery on the population. Free healthcare, free education, free housing and free money are just the starting bids in buying votes. Who knows what else they will promise, never mind that there isn’t the money to pay for it.

Many a nation has seen this song and dance before, followed up with secret police raids at 3:00 AM, torture and imprisonment or firing squads when the promises cannot be fulfilled. By then it’s too late, and it’s only after whole system inevitably collapses that Leftists come to the realisation that it was really socialism. Right now we have a choice that will not be available if the Democrats ever attain power.

The Takeaway for part I

Keep in mind that this dissertation only touched Left’s woefully inadequate socialist national agenda. But there is so much to cover in detailing the Democrat’s unfitness for office that this can only be a quick review of their moral deficiencies.

Bottom line: The collective lies and false labels of the Democratic Party should make the case alone that it does not deserve your vote.


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The complete fraud that is socialism




The complete fraud that is socialism

Once again we are witness to the age-old scam of socialism with Leftists making promises to attain power that can never be fulfilled.

Long before Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn’s Gulag Archipelago exposed the systematic oppression, torture, incarceration and deliberate mass murder that are the hallmarks of socialistic slavery. James A. Michener documented the 1956 Hungarian uprising against communism in his book ‘The Bridge at Andau’. While both are great literary works, ‘The Bridge at Andau’ laid bare the complete fraud that is the collectivist ideologies in creating a ‘Heaven on Earth’ or ‘worker’s paradise’ that never comes to fruition.

The selling of socialistic slavery to a new generation tends to follow a certain type of ‘progress’. Promises are made for all kinds of largess ranging from Free Healthcare, Free Housing, Free College, Free food to even Free income. All paid for with other people’s money. Never mind that It’s impossible to fulfill all of these wondrous asseverations. Appearances must be made to at least begin the process, so the ever-present task of wealth redistribution begins at the point of a gun.

This is also why the Socialist-Left obsesses over gun confiscation and the suppression of free speech. It is imperative for the Leftists to disarm the people since they generally object to having their property stolen from them. However, we are getting ahead of ourselves, this is to document how this exploitation of the people has ‘progressed’ in other collectivist enclaves to better understand how this crime against the people is perpetrated.

Why do collectivist regimes always require secret police apparatus and the suppression of Liberty?

This question was detailed in The Bridge at Andau in the chapters on the ‘AVO man’. In which he discusses the secret police organisation of the Hungarian Communists, the AVO (Allamvedelmi Osztaly). He bluntly asked and answered the question:

Why must communism depend on such dregs of society?

No matter on what elevated plane communism begins its program of total dictatorship. it sooner or later runs into such economic and social problems that some strong-arm force is required to keep the civil population under control.

As is the case now as it was then, a nation’s Socialist-Left will promise just about anything to attain power over the people:

When communism is wooing the workers in Csepel, all kinds of exaggerated promises are made if they seem likely to awaken men’s aspirations and their cupidity. These promises are couched in such simple terms and such effective symbols that they become immediate goals of the revolution.

Review briefly what communist agitators had once promised the Hungarians who appear in this book: consumer goods such as they had never known before, increased wages. increased social benefits, shorter hours of work, improved education for everyone, a greater social freedom, and a government directly responsible to the working classes. Under communism such promises were never even remotely capable of attainment.

[Our Emphasis]
If all of that sounds eerily familiar, it’s because that’s part of a very old song and dance that has deceived many a generation into enslaving themselves under socialism. Consider this recent story from the Associated Press:

Democrats lurch left on top policies as 2020 primary begins

NEW YORK (AP) — Democratic presidential contender Julian Castro launched his campaign by pledging support for “Medicare for All,” free universal preschool, a large public investment in renewable energy and two years of free college for all Americans.

New Jersey Sen. Cory Booker, who is expected to launch his presidential campaign soon, has sponsored legislation to create a federal jobs guarantee program in several communities across America.

The pilot program… could ultimately transform the U.S. labor market by providing well-paid government employment with benefits for anyone who wants it.

[Our Emphasis]

As Margaret Thatcher so aptly surmised, eventually they will run out of other people’s money. In our case in the states, that is already the situation given the enormous debt and unfunded liabilities reaching into the stratosphere of trillions of dollars. Of course, this hasn’t deterred committed collectivists such as Democratic mayor Bill de Blasio who recently stated that ‘There’s plenty of money in the world… It’s just in the wrong hands!’ Never mind that it is morally wrong to steal the property of others or that once a society turns down the dead-end of socialism there will always be more people wanting more money from those who have it.

Wealth redistribution scams will always wreck the economy. A socialist regime that nationalizes the economy can never function better than one of economic Liberty. Soon enough everything breaks down, the people see through the lies and the government has to start breaking heads. Thus it is imperative that they have previously confiscated the people’s guns and made it illegal to defend themselves.

The Takeaway

Socialistic schemes always run contrary to basic human nature. Rewarding someone for not working will always result in less work. Conversely, punishing someone for working will also result in less work.

This basic logic of human nature seems to be lost on Leftists. But perhaps it is not. They have to know their schemes have never and will never work. And yet they still try to impose them on everyone else. Perhaps they know of the epic fraud they are continually perpetrating on society, but they don’t care. That will be the subject of our next installment.

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Dan Crenshaw: Only six Democrats voted to pay federal employees affected by shutdown



Dan Crenshaw Only six Democrats voted to pay federal employees affected by shutdown

While most were drinking the mainstream media Kool-Aid that Republicans and President Trump are responsible for keeping paychecks out of the hands of federal employees affected by the government shutdown, a bill was brought to the House floor that would have paid them their first paycheck of 2019.

It failed. Despite six Democrats voting in favor of the bill, the Democratic majority shot it down, preventing their political pawns – the 800,000 people directly affected by the government shutdown – from getting paid.

Representative Dan Crenshaw (R-TX) pointed it out and received a good amount of interactions on Twitter, but most in mainstream media refused to run this narrative-busting truth.

It’s crystal clear to anyone paying attention that their anti-wall rhetoric is driven by the good optics they’re getting from the press. If the people would stop being sheep and listen to that quiet voice of reason in the back of their minds, they’d realize two things:

  1. Democrats don’t oppose the wall. They oppose giving the President a win. They will keep the government shutdown going as long as possible and any attempts to help the people affected by it will be shot down.
  2. All of the false claims about the wall are politically motivated outside of the realm of common sense. The latest talking point, that the wall will be ineffective, is contradicted by every statistic that compares illegal immigration with or without a wall.

This is clear proof the Democrats have no desire to help the people if it means taking away their leverage on the President. Given the choice between paying federal employees or harming the President politically, they chose political expediency.

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To understand Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, we must look at her worldview



To understand Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, we must look at her worldview

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has baffled people on both sides of the political aisle since her meteoric rise began. She has an uncanny ability to say silly things and get away with it, at least when her mainstream media handlers control the situation.

One quote she made during her political campaign caught many people by surprise because it was so blatantly wrong, even left-leaning PolitiFact had to rate it as “Pants on Fire!”

“Unemployment is low because everyone has two jobs. Unemployment is low because people are working 60, 70, 80 hours a week and can barely feed their family.”

This is either a bald-faced lie or it’s a reflection of her backwards worldview. I’m going with the latter. After watching her speak and how she responds to questions, I don’t believe she’s some political mastermind who is manipulating the Democratic world to bend at her will. I think she sincerely believes the falsehoods she’s peddling.

Does she think the world is going to end in 12 years? Yes. Does she believe we’ll “just pay for” the $32 trillion Medicare-for-All? Yes. Does she think unemployment is low because everyone has two jobs? Yes. Her ignorance would be adorable if it weren’t so dangerous.

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