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Conspiracy Theory

Will ABC resurrect Roseanne?



ABC Resurrect Roseanne

Update: A social media comment noted that this could also open the door for ABC to sell the rights to the show to another studio. That would jibe with them ordering a single additional episode to conclude it with Roseanne’s character coming back.

Original Story:

It’s a crazy world. In this crazy world is Hollywood, which is a crazier world unto itself. Stranger things have happened than a studio reversing a decision and bringing back a character they’d previously fired for the sake of the good ol’ dollar.

As conspiracy theories go, this one is pretty mild. But the complete and total failure of The Conners and a subsequent ordering of a single additional episode give legs to this theory. It also presents a solution.

Ratings: “The Conners” Beaten By Everything, Drops in Total Viewers and Demo as ABC Orders Only 1 More Episode the key demo sank, which isn’t a good sign. And the total viewers were down by 180K, which is a lot, frankly. People are leaving and they’re not coming back.

ABC has ordered 1 extra episode to the original order of 10. Sounds to me like a finale. Someone wakes up and says they dreamt Roseanne died. There’s a cackle from the next room. Fade to black.

It certainly sounds plausible that the studio may pull something like this. After all, they originally famously fooled us with the original series’ finale that revealed the final season was all fiction and that Dan, the family’s patriarch, had actually died. Then, he was revived for the series reboot.

If they brought back Dan, could they bring back Roseanne? Of course they could.

Reports already surfaced earlier this month that some at the studio regretted firing her in the first place.

Report: Two ABC Executives Regret Firing Roseanne, Fear Conners Could Flop“We didn’t think it through properly. What Roseanne did was wrong but we shouldn’t have rushed to fire her. It was almost a knee-jerk reaction by Ben [Sherwood] and Channing [Dungey] who should have launched an investigation,” an ABC insider told The Daily Mail.

The ABC insider openly admits regretting not polling the general public before making a decision. The choice to cut Roseanne from the show occurred hours after her comments sparked backlash.

It’s conspicuous that they ordered a single additional episode. That is a good sign they’re planning on ending the show. But they could have easily ended it without ordering an additional show. Shows end without finishing the story all the time. Fans of Deadwood know what I mean.

The only feasible reason to order a single additional episode of a show that costs a ton to make (reportedly $350,000 per episode for John Goodman alone) is to end it in a way that opens the door… to a future revival of Roseanne. They did it with Dan. They can do the same thing with Roseanne’s character.

Would it be controversial? Of course. Her Tweet about Valerie Jarrett was terribly insensitive as Roseanne herself has admitted. But it would be extremely lucrative. The buzz alone would draw viewers to the first episode. If it delivers on the laughs and plays on the controversy, it could become a huge hit.

They’d need to do some PR work with her first. In fact, they could spin the PR work to actually help promote the show. Again, this is very doable.

The crazy world of Hollywood is hungry for hits. The Conners is not one. If they revive Roseanne’s character and make a few PR moves, they could actually have a bigger hit than they ever imagined possible. Controversy drives viewership, after all.

Conspiracy Theory

Many Democrats support Mueller investigation without knowing what it’s about



“Trump stole the election!”

Two years and two elections ago, something happened that has Democrats scratching their heads even today. Hillary Clinton lost. She wasn’t supposed to lose. She was cheated some way, somehow.

This is what they hope to be proven by special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into Russian influence in the 2016 elections. The problem is a majority of Democrats think the Russians did something that Mueller’s team isn’t even investigating because there’s absolutely no hint of a possibility that it could be true.

67% of Democrats believe “Russia tampered with vote tallies in order to get Donald Trump elected President.”

Let that sink in.

Robert Mueller Poll

If you believe Russia attempted to influence the elections by using social media and other venues to spread anti-Hillary rhetoric, you’re almost certainly correct. In fact, the Mueller investigation has assumed that to be true from the beginning. The question isn’t whether or not Russia tried to influence the elections in this way. It’s whether or not Americans helped them, in particular members of the Trump campaign.

What’s not being considered is whether or not Russia tampered with vote tallies. They did not. It’s not even a consideration in Mueller’s investigation, yet two-thirds of Democrats believe it to be true.

67% of Democrats can’t wait for Mueller to prove their theories correct even though he isn’t even investigating vote tally tampering at all. It’s reminiscent of the days after Obamacare was launched when Democrats asked, “Wait, it’s not free?”

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Conspiracy Theory

4 shocking takeaways from Homeland Security Secretary’s interview on the migrant caravans



4 shocking takeaways from Homeland Security Secretarys interview on the migrant caravans

Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen did an interview with Fox News chief intelligence correspondent Catherine Herridge. In it, she revealed information that will be shocking to some. In this short video, five significant fears about the migrant caravans heading to our border were revealed.

  1. Not all “migrants” are from Central America. “We absolutely see people from the Middle East, from southeast Asia, from other parts of the world. They are not just from Central America.”
  2. They were organized and funded by… someone. “With respect to the timing and particular organization of these caravans, they’re not ‘organic,’ if you will. They’re definitely organized. They’re financed.”
  3. Women and children are being used to frustrate border police and the military. “We don’t want to get into a confrontation with a child or women so they’re almost being used as barriers at the front of some of these caravans.”
  4. Other caravans have fewer women and children. “The other caravans coming up are mostly single males.”

This last point is the one that should concern us the most. The first migrant caravan is an opening salvo, a way to set a precedent for the southern border to open up and allow future caravans to come in unimpeded. This is why we’re seeing more women and children in the first caravan. It gets most of the publicity. It gets the attention from the government and the press. By the time subsequent waves reach the border, their hope is interest will have waned.

The press and the left are determined to make everyone pay less attention to the migrant caravans. If we do, it would be a huge mistake. The threats are real and probably higher than most Americans even realize.

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Conspiracy Theory

MSNBC shows Florida vote totals the night before the election. Rigged or test run?



MSNBC shows Florida vote totals the night before the election Rigged or test run

Conspiracy theorists, get your tinfoil hats ready. MSNBC posted a graphic showing the vote totals in Florida’s gubernatorial election with “99% in”… the night BEFORE the election. This is undeniable proof the elections are all rigged and winners are predetermined by the Illuminati.

Or something.

The faux pas caught All In host Chris Hayes off guard. He later explained:

“Quick clarification here. Just want to say, earlier this hour, uh, we showed a graphic of the Florida gubernatorial race. May have caught your eye because our system had inadvertently populated some test numbers. Obviously, we do not yet have any vote totals here, the night before the election. That was a misfire. Don’t worry. I was pretty confused when I saw it up there, to see it myself.”

The race was labeled a “Close Call” and showed Democrat Andrew Gillum with 3,343,634 votes to Republican Ron DeSantis’ 3,297,970 votes, 49.4% and 48.8% respectively.

Needless to say, conspiracy theorists will be watching this race closely to see how well the numbers match up. The joke will be on them, though, as obviously the Illuminati will change up the numbers and perhaps even flip-flop the winner and loser just to keep us all confused. That’s what they do, right?

MSNBC Puts Florida Vote-Count Graphic Onscreen On Night Before Election’s the kind of goof that the folks who scream about “fake news” likely will scream about. MSNBC this evening briefly put a graphic onscreen that showed “vote counts” for the Florida gubernatorial race — you know, the one being held tomorrow.

It’s going to be a long day and night in America — and, to a lesser extent, around the world — on Tuesday, so stick with Deadline for coverage of the key national races along with what’s going on here in California.

My Take

Conspiracy theories aside, every network will be doing everything they can to make sense of the election as quickly as possible. Fox News is using a different model than the standard exit polls, one that has been gathering data since last week to get ahead of the release of actual vote counts. Other networks are doing similar things, using the accumulation of big data and social media scanners to make calls as quickly as possible.

Wouldn’t it be funny if the numbers turned out to be close to MSNBC’s “test results”? Of course, that would mean that Ron DeSantis loses to Andrew Gillum, and we all know DeSantis is going to win by a decent margin, right? RIGHT?

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