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Trump’s ‘tent cities’ for asylum seekers will trigger some, but it’s brilliant



Hardcore leftists want the impossible. In their open borders utopia, they imagine people coming to America at will and being given all the benefits of citizens. They want these benefits paid for by the rich (since in their world, the wealthy must pay for everyone else to live well). They want the red carpet treatment for anyone seeking asylum; give them a nice suburban home while they wait for their documents to be expedited to them.

Mothers, children, criminals, terrorists… all are welcome in leftist utopia.

What they don’t want is for people crossing the border and seeking asylum to be relocated to tents, fed sufficiently, schooled, medically treated, and given complete safety and shelter until their applications are processed and a judge hears their case. That’s cruelty in the eyes of most leftists.

It’s exactly what President Trump has planned and it’s brilliant.

In an interview last night on Ingraham Angle, the President addressed the migrant caravan issue. He said the difference is that in the past when the national guard was used to help border patrol capture illegal immigrants, they would be caught and released. This time, the President intends to catch and not release.

But he didn’t stop there. Host Laura Ingraham asked about asylum seekers. President Trump said, “If they apply for asylum we’re going to hold them until such time that their trial takes place.”

Ingraham asked where they would be kept if not released. The President told her his plan to keep those seeking asylum in “tent cities” where they’ll be held until their asylum trial.

“We’re going to build tent cities,” the President answered. “We’re going to put tents up all over the place. We’re not going to build structures and spend all of this, you know, hundreds of millions of dollars. We’re going to have tents, they’re going to be very nice, and they’re going to wait. And if they don’t get asylum, they get out.”

Ingraham noted that 80% of asylum seekers get rejected.

This plan is very different from anything we’ve seen in the past. When people apply for asylum, they are normally processed and released while they await trial, which can take years. When their trial date comes up, many of them do not appear. That’s one of the loopholes that has allowed millions of illegal immigrants to get embedded in our country. According to President Trump, that won’t be the case for this migrant caravan.

He also mentioned a separate benefit to handling it all this way. Once word spreads that the asylum seekers weren’t processed and released while awaiting trial, fewer will attempt to take advantage of the loophole.

The President will take flack from the left for not treating these people with respect and he’ll probably take some flack from the right for being too soft on them, but this is the best plan anyone has had on the issue. It makes sense for protecting our borders as a sovereign nation while not abandoning the needs of those who are truly in danger of oppression, persecution, extreme poverty, or violence.

Closing the loophole many illegal immigrants attempt to use through asylum policies will drastically reduce attempts to circumvent our laws. If they truly need asylum, they’ll come. If they don’t there’s no longer a benefit to trying for it. Well done.


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