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Trump versus Obama, 2018



Trump versus Obama 2018

Neither Presidents Trump nor Obama are up for election. That doesn’t mean they’re not at the heart of what’s really driving the midterm elections in a week. Their agendas, styles, and legacies are all at stake with Tuesday determining, at least in the short term, which President has the most influence over America.

It’s not just the campaigning. Both are going nonstop like their own names were on the ballot. President Trump is trying to stir up his base to get them to the polls for Republican candidates. President Obama is campaigning like no other former President has ever campaigned. It’s the ultimate tug-of-war with the two giants of their respective parties throwing their weight on as many races as possible.

The real issue is whether President Trump’s America can continue on a path that has brought unprecedented prosperity to the nation or if President Obama’s America can resurface. Those who say the division in America is all on President Trump’s shoulders have either ignored the message President Obama is delivering to Americans or they’re too partisan to care.

This election will strike at the heart of one or the other Presidents’ agenda in three forms. It can be boiled down like this:

Trump’s sovereign nation of laws versus Obama’s open borders

This is the issue of the day even if it’s not the issue that polls show Americans care about the most. Between President Trump’s birthright citizenship talk and the coming migrant caravan invasion, it’s the topic that will likely dominate the news for at least the first half of the final week ahead of the election.

President Obama has framed his take on the issue by playing the race card 100% of the time. He says it’s racist to even worry about the migrant caravan, claiming in a recent speech that it’s a topic that shouldn’t even be discussed. That’s the leftists’ greatest hope about the topic of illegal immigration – that nobody talks about it. They aren’t trying to push for open borders through dialogue or facts. They want illegal immigrants to ease into the nation to the point that Americans will eventually accept open borders over time. It worked with gay marriage. President Obama hopes it works with open borders as well.

Trump’s reduction of government influence over healthcare versus Obama’s push for socialized medicine

I wasn’t the biggest fan of the various attempts to “repeal and replace” Obamacare. They were more of a “shuffle and rebrand” that still maintained an unnecessary amount of control from Washington DC over our healthcare system. With that said, I’m now in the camp that believes incremental changes to the law may be the best we can get at this point.

Less government involvement is better than more government involvement. I’m not saying I’ll support the next attempt when it comes around, but I’m just about ready to give up hope on a real repeal any time soon.

President Obama has always adored full-blown socialist healthcare. He couldn’t get it with Obamacare but he’s rooting for Bernie Sanders and his cronies to achieve what he couldn’t. To do that, he’ll paint every Republican as a monster who wants to take away coverage from terminally ill children and grandma Phyllis. This is the biggest issue for voters, according to the polls, which is why Democrats have lied about nearly every Republican running for office. The vast majority of Republican candidates support guaranteeing healthcare for those with preexisting conditions, but if you listen to President Obama, apparently all of them want to take that away. It’s not true.

Trump’s trickle down economy versus Obama’s handout economy

Jobs are up. Unemployment is down. Wages are up. Poverty is down. Democrats don’t want to talk about the economy because they can’t deny President Trump’s and the GOP’s Capitol Hill agendas have worked wonderfully.

All President Obama can do is ignore the topic altogether. He believes in a handout economy where prosperity is given to people rather than allowed for them to take on their own. It’s what keeps minorities voting Democrat, after all, so any attempts to point out to a Democrat that the economy is benefiting minorities greatly is met with instant resistance and a change of subjects.

Does America want to move forward with President Trump’s agenda which is clearly working or do they want to go back to President Obama’s failed agenda? If voters look at facts instead of leftist propaganda, this election wouldn’t even be close.


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